Exoghi Panighiri - Aghia Marina Festival
Thursday 17th July 2008...
With improved parking conditions, it first seemed that the lack of cars parked on the road to Exoghi meant there were only a few people attending, but once you reached Ag. Marina church, you quickly realized that the Exoghi Panighiri continues to be the No. 1 Panighiri in the opinion of many Ithacans. Great organization by the Exoghi community as usual, good quality music, food and drink.
Aghia Marina Festival in Exoghi was all about dancing this year. What a great Panighiri this is. Each year it continues to maintain the tradition and good cheer.
The village Square was packed with colour and enthusiasm
There were constant faces, well known faces, regular faces and new faces, all showing the signs of having a good time. With no distractions other than the make-shift bar and the temporary charcoal grill, the community and visitors to Ithaca dived straight into the music to dance the night into dawn as is usual in Exoghi.
Aghia Marina Panighiri Exoghi Festival 2008