Frikes Panighiri - Definitely the best Festival Frikes has ever put on!!
Friday 4th July 2008 ...
Frikes Panighiri 2008

The Frikes Panighiri usually suffers from apathy. Each year the village doesn't know whether it wants a festival or not, but this year, with a little organization, the Frikes Panighiri came off with a big bang. Everyone was thrilled at how much Kefi (good cheer) there was around, it made for the first successful Frikes Panighiri in this century.

Frikes gathered the talents of Mystires. They are an excellent band. Most of the members are from Athens, but a couple of Ithacans are hawled in for the Panighiri performances. Tasos Zafeirioy - Vocals, guitar and bouzouki / Stelios Tsoykatos - Accordian / Vaggelis Mihllatos - Vocal, guitar / Mihalis Tsiatis - violin / Ithakis own Dimos Kostopoulos - drums and Ithaki icon Makis Andrianatos on vocals and accordian.