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Donkeys work so hard on Monemvasia, The Rock, that they get a day at the beach to unwind and gather up their strength again. Monemvasia is a special place and one that we will continue to visit again and again.
Road Trip - Ithaca to the Peleponnese October 2008
After Monemvasia we head west toward The Mani, where fuedal towers, cactus and a barren landscape dominate as far as the horizon. Gytheio is the capital of this region, a bustling old town with a harbour and a deterioration that was evident this time around.

Aeroupoli, Vathia and other small villages jutt out in the Mani wilderness. The Mani has a black beauty, gothic and eerie, desolate and hostile in appearance. Road signs have bullet holes, proof that the fueds of the past have carried over to the present. A night in Koroni, a seaside village in the south/west of the Peleponnese, after a days' driving is a welcome and friendly resting spot. Koroni is crowned by Castle that lays in ruin.

If you're interested in Venetian Castles, then the Castle at Methoni on the south/western coast of the Peleponnese is a must to see. It's grand in proportion and history.

The most immediate thing that strikes you about the Peleponnese is how rapidly the scenery changes. At any given time you can feel like you're in a northern European country, in the Middle East or other horizons far from Greece. The landscape is not what is 'The Greece' most know from postcards and pretty pics of this country. Greece has a rich and varied landscape that has surprises around every corner. Greece isn't just the islands or the ancient sites, but a kaleidescope of beauty - colourful and inspiring, desolate or black. It has dimensions and sensibilities that heighten the senses and make you hungry to discover and experience more. The saying 'It's the journey, not the destination' is particularly true in regard to travelling around Greece. It's worthwhile to take your time and travel far to get to where you're going so that you can breathe in all the wonder this country has to offer.
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