Sotiros - Stavros Panighiri
Tuesday 5th August 2008...

The night was humid and warm, the Stavros Square for Sotiris was a little less populated than other years, but with the lack of 'The Squeeze', it actually made for a great, fun night, reminiscent of 'The Old Days'. Those having the best time seemed to be the 2nd and 3rd generation of Greeks born overseas. They delve deep into the culture of Ithaki with gusto and passion, fostering the emotional link that was physically broken by their parents when they emmigrated elsewhere. With a few Panighiria under their belt, the band really cooked, and had those that did attend, up and dancing all night, right into the early hours. Yes, the word is that the Panighiri is not as exciting as it used to be with so many of them one after the other, but one thing is assured - if you go along with the intention of having a good time, you definitely will have a good time.

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