Unification Day Parade - Ithaca Greece 21st May 2008

A warm day greeted this annual and momentus occasion for 2008. Unification Day Parade celebrates the time when the Ionian joined Greece to become one nation. The parade started a little later this year than past years, and although this parade wasn't as busy as previous ones, the kefi and pride of the day were not effected. Ithakis Brass Band was in good form again this year, and with a few new faces, they lifted the spirit of the parade. Today was also the Name Day for Constantinos and Eleni, the Name Day that goes hand in hand with Unification Day.

Tourists on the island were treated to a colourful display, and although many didn't know what brought about this occasion, they still got out their cameras to note the event and enjoyed the tradition and (casual) pomp of it all.

  See the video here. (If you have broadband)

After the Parade, the crowd took to the Cafes to enjoy the Public Holiday.