. Anoghi Panighiri - Panaghias Friday 14th August 2009
The Anoghi Panighiri was extremely well organized. No big queues for the bar or to get that mandatory souvlaki for the aftermidnight snack.

Inside the local Cafe, those looking for a little less amplification, gathered to enjoy conversations that didn't involve shouting.

As every year, Meropi (above left) from Symposium Restaurant in Frikes, puts down her apron around 2am to make her way up to the Panighiri. Long shifts and sore feet can't keep her away from dancing a couple of hours. Panighiri only happens once a year, albeit it quite a few times in the space of a month. Tomorrow night is the last of the big Panighiri with Platrithia, held at Limnes. Be there or be square.

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