. Kenneth Holmberg 60th Birthday celebration on Ithaki Tuesday 26th May 2009

Left - Right - Warren is from Trinidad and married to Maya, Kenneths' and Andreas' daughter (who is putting the baby to bed and thus not in the picture) Warren was a politically astute University student when he first went to Norway, where he and Maya live. Andrea (wife of Kenneth), Johann (Warrens' and Mayas son), Kenneth the birthday boy, Barbaro (sister in-law), Christer (brother), Maurizio (son in-law and originally from Chile but went to Finland as a young boy and refugee) is married to daughter Hanna, Johanna (daughter in-law). Front L - R - Britt (Kenneths' sister), Victor and Wille (Keneths' son and married to Johanna) Missing is Maya and Inka.

Andrea is Managing Director of an IT company in Finland while Kenneth is a Professor of Tribology and has written a book on the subject. For a couple of years, Kenneth came here while writing this book while Andrea joined him for a week to holiday together. Now the book is published, their time here is purely for holiday. Ithaki life couldn't be further removed from life in Finland, but it's obviously a difference this couple enjoys. 2009 marks their 10th year holidaying on Ithaca.
A month or so ago I received an email from Andrea Holmberg inviting me to join her and her family for her husband Kenneths, 60th birthday celebration. It's always a pleasure to hear peoples' Ithaki story so I went along to take some pics of this special day for this Finnish family.
Early in the morning Andrea had sent her husband Kenneth out so she could organize the surprise party for him. She had organized renting a moped for him and his brother. Kenneth hadn't been on a moped in around 30 years, so he took it slow and saw the sights he is not able to see on foot. By the time I arrived, Andrea was already looking at her watch, wondering where he was when a message came in on a mobile telephone advising they got a little lost and found themselves in Perahori, right at the top of the village. Kenneth and Andreas' first time on Ithaca was on a day trip from Lefkada in 1988, almost 10 years later they decided to take their entire holiday on Ithaca and since then, they have come to the island regularly. For Kenneths' brother Christer, it is his first time on Ithaca so getting lost probably showed him around a little more than anticipated.
Barbaro, Kenneths sister in-law (Above right) has also been to Ithaca before when she had made a radio documentary on Odysseas and Homer, using traditional greek songs sung by the late Maria from Exoghi.
Captain Yiannis Hotel in Vathy made the perfect midday party spot. Shady trees, refreshing swimming pool and garden areas ideal for a little birthday party to celebrate Kenneths' 60th year. Congratulations!

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