. Platrithia Panighiri - Panaghias Saturday 15th August 2009
Traditionally the Platrithia Panighiri is the final BIG Festival of Ithaki Summer Season, but this year the attendance went right through the roof. People scrambled to get a seat, but for many, so such luck. They congregated around the bars and the grill, on the road and in the park. A constant wave of people moving through Limnes until dawn. At 3am the festival was still roaring with no sign of it letting up. A HUGE success this year. The band had everyone dancing and of course Yiannis Andrianatos, northern Ithakis local voice, knew just how to keep the locals on the dance floor.
The music echoed around the northern island from Limnes to Exoghi and over the hill to Stavros and down to Frikes. The dulcer tones of bouzouki and accordian vibrated through the olive groves into the early hours. The community seemed thrilled with the excellent turnout and the attendees were certainly thrilled with excitement and kefi of this festival.
  Panaghias 2009

See below for a video of the Platrithia Panighiri. You'll need Broadband.




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