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Ithaca Greece

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Sunday 2nd May 2004

May Day Celebrations are on all over Greece, combining Labour Day and Spring. It's the weekend that starts off the tourist season for Ithaki. This year, as May Day fell on a Saturday, the island didn't get the 'long weekenders it usually does flocking in from the mainland, so it's a bit more subdued than last year, but still there is the buzz and expectation of Summer fun. Expect smiles from the locals, festivals, parties and concerts from now until the end of September.. Welcome to Ithaki Around the Villages for another year..

Thursday 20th May

Oops! In May there's more than the occassional jelly fish in the water.

May 21st - For the Unifiction Celebration and Parade in Vathy, the weather was sunny and fine and made for a colourful parade. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out.

Andreas (above) having a quiet chat with Lakis in Frikes at Rementzo Restaurant. Andreas is in the process of having his lates book translated into English. It will be available through the Council Offices. Andreas is the Ithacan correspondent for the Ithacan Society of Melbourne Australia.
Ag Joachim Day - the Saint of Ithaca
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Wednesday May 26 - It's been a long, long time since the old Levendis in Platrithia has had any movement, but from now on, Yefyri, as it will be known, under new management and ownership, should see the communities of Platrithias and Koleri have a place to sit and meet with eachother once again, not to mention beach goers to and from Aphales and Walkers on their way to or back from Homers School. Andy and Mark intend to make it a special place to eat and drink for everyone.
Finally the closed Levendis turns into the new Yefyri opening soon in Platrithia
  June 12th - Jelly fish are still being reported around most of the beaches, although their numbers are decreasing. Give it another week and they'll be gone. Meanwhile back on the farm....Behind these sheep are some dedicated shepherds that drive their flocks from one end of the island to the other looking for that greener pasture. Now that Summer is finally here, those pastures will by drying up before too long. hOME ithaca greece cautions all to be careful with their ciggie butts. Don't toss them please, otherwise we could all go up in smoke.
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Football Fever around the island
  June 15th - Football Mania - Screens are up and tv's are on all over the island as locals and tourists alike get their dose of Footy. For Ithaki, tomorrow night will be the crescendo as Greece limbers up it's kicking calfs to score for their league. Ithakis young hopefull practice in the Vathy Square.
Vathy goes 'High Tech' during the Football Season with state of the art screens and sound systems for their customers. Now you can leave home without missing a single beat on your footy drum.
Sunset over Lefki
Mist cloud over Exoghi
Unloading in Vathy
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