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May - Welcome to Ithaki General 2005. Here you'll get news and a little goss from around the island.
Wed 4th May - Left - Emmanuel and Dimitris Danis at Chez Manu Asian Restaurant in Vathy. This intimate venue over Winter has now opened its' doors and extended its' seating outside.
Dimitris is preparing an exciting performance for the Summer with the Poetry of Ithakis Mayor, Tilemahos Karavias, which will be performed by Dancer Eder Cardoso and spoken by Ithaki actresses, Tomi Dendrinou and Maria Kouyiannou, presented and directed of course, by Dimitris Danis. Keep your eyes out on the August Calender for the specifics.
Fri 13 May - No news of the sea planes on Ithaki yet, although the service has started with Corfu and a few other Ionian island. The promise is that it will service Ithaca also. Just don't know when.
May, being the time many artists come to Ithaca to paint the views, it may be time to remember that Ithaki has some talented artists already living here or represented on this site. Below are some you may be interested in. Not all painters, but musicians, photographers, writers and otheres. Just click on the photos to go to their pages.
Support some of Ithacas Artists. Click on photos to take you to their pages. Write to them for more information on their work.
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Christos Raftopoulos
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Paul Leibow
Dimitris Danis
Andreas Aganostatos
Wow it's already June. Wed June 1 to be exact. Not much news to tell, it's fairly quiet on the island at the moment. After the May influx of the older traveler, those here to paint, walk and not get sunburnt, June usually sees a drop in activity aorund the island. Of course more yachts and flotillas come into the bays, but they usually anchor get there supplies, take a few pics and go again the next day.
Last Summer there was a blitz on fines for not wearing seatbelts and people complained around the island that the Police themselves, never wore seatbelts, so I sat down one of these Policemen and asked him why. I was told that it is written into the law that police needn't wear seatbelts due to the amount of time they spend in the car.. Jeeez!! Now I get it. It's not about safety it's about comfort. Right. So does this go for the rest of us? No way Hose...Stupid question. Forgot where I was for a minute. I must mention that it is law that the Police wear their bike helmets however, unlike the rest of us who won't get a fine as long as we have our helmets somewhere on the bike. I quite fancy mine as an ankle bracelet. Goes very well with the tattoo on my forehead that reads 'highway to hell'
As to other news. Still no definate dates on the sea planes. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for this to happen. We all hope it will be soon.
The road works at Piso Aetos is moving along, slowly, but moving. Should be finished before Summers end, at which time it is hoped the road won't be completely wrecked after the thousands of busses have pounded their big wheels along the asphalt.
Sun 5 June - It's time again. Police are out during this Summer Season, (never seen in winter) to book for the Fund. Have your insurance, ID card, all papers to do with your vehicle, eg. Insurance, on hand, wear your seat belts or you'll get a hefty, and I mean HEFTY, fine. Bikies, same goes for you. Wear your helmets. The police are on a mission and this year as last year, there is no avoiding it. It's not like you can take a detour, is it. A shame this is more a money collection exercise than a safety one. Fines for speeding and driving while under the influence would be widely applauded on the island.
People are a little confused today as to why the power would be going on and off. It's Sunday so there's no one working on the lines, the weather is fine, no storms, not even a breeze, but still the electricity goes off for a few minutes every few hours.
The long awaited wedding of Aphrodite Sobola and Marino takes place on the 19th of this month. This will no doubt be the wedding of all weddings. Many long time visitors to ithaki have watched young Aphrodite go from child to adult, being touched in some way by her warmth and helpfulness. We wish the happy couple love, good health and happiness...and of course an olive grove full of children.
Tue 7 June - A Pasok Party election held last Sunday resulted in the voting of Dionisis Stanitsas as President of the local Pasok Party. here on Ithaki.
The Ithaca Council in co-operation with KEP is starting a webiste for Ithacan businesses and accommodation. A little like this one, but hopefully with database booking for accommodation which would be of great benefit, not only to those who have rooms to let, but also to the tourists wishing to stay on Ithaca. Unfortunate news, at least for me, is that in order to get business on board someone is telling the prospective clients that hOME ithaca greece is bad and this new site will be great. The effort in this website has always been to publicize the island and I won't be pushed into being competitive with those running Ithaca. I just think it's a shame that these sort of tactics need to be used against this site when the commonality of presenting ithaca to the world should be an objective for both parties. Firstly, hOME ithaca greece is aimed at English speaking nationalities, it is number 1 with search term ithaca greece and whatever you put after it, on Google, Yahoo, MSN etc etc. in other words easily found when doing searches concerned with ithaca greece. A Greek language based site with English translation and a decent budget (something that I don't have) would be fantastic to promote Ithaki to the rest of Greece and the world, and I have no problem with sharing, but I guess there's not enough cash to go around so someone has to go. Guess who. Keep tuned.
For better news, Mihalis and Nikos won the Tender for Loutsa Beach. In the future you will be able to rent umbrellas and deck chairs on this beach.
Fri 10 June - Mr. Bush Senior seems to like his Greek holidays. He came sailing into Vathy 2 days ago to have a look around. Hope there weren't any suspicious types around.
Sat 11 June - There's no denying it, the wind over the past week is taking everyone to the edge. It's been relentless and what's more quite cold. Today at least we did get some sunshine back, but what good is it when the wind blows you away. Before you leave the house the sun and clear blue skies tempt you to underdress and then once out and about you want to run for shelter from the cold. Typical. You put the pullies away and get out the Summer best just in time to pull out the woolies again. No rain though. Guess that's something. Good news is that hot weather is forecast for next week. Heatwave!!! Maybe we can get the summer started in ernest.
Mon 13 June - Which village on the island is again immersed in annual fueding? Can't guess? Well, that's too bad. This years reason for legal action is to do with a Flag. Not quite the severity of the Olympic Flag saga with Australian athlete Dawn Fraser, but serious enough to gather up the culprits and hit them with a lawsuit. 'Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now.' A little hippy sentiment. 'War! What is it good for.' A little 80's sediment. Dff dff dff - a little 21st Century rumbling under my feet. "What? What? Can't hear a thing". "Really? Me either. Let's dance."
Fri 17 June - It's moth season again. Wherever there's light there are thousands of moths doing their Kamakazi thing. I seems to be particularly bad in the valleys and less noticeable in the higher regions. Maybe they're not as well lit. While driving, it's sometimes impossible for a clear view through the windscreen as the moths suicide in the high beam. Don't despair, it's only a matter of time before they burn themselves out and there'll just be the mosquitos to deal with...and the wasps and the flies and young boys on motorbikes. SWAT!
Congratulations go to the Sobolas and Blikas family with the marriage of Aphrodite Sobola to Marinos Blikas today at 7.30pm at the Sotiros Church in Stavros. Celebrations will continue at Limnes in Platrithia. This is the wedding of all weddings. We'll get pics.
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