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Tue 21 June - Saturday saw the Weddings of Sobola in Stavros and Karavias in Lefki. Better start re-opening Schools very soon. Have a feeling that the baby boom is far from over on the island. For Pics of Sobola Wedding Click Here

The days on Ithaki have definately been heating up with temps up to 33 in places like Lefki. With the long weekend and good weather, the beaches were full of sun seekers from Ithaki and the mainland.

The roads are now also becoming a more dangerous place to be. Please drive on the right side of the road, at a decent speed, wear your safety belts and Helmets if on Mopeds or bicycles.


Our deepest sympathies go to the Taflambas family who suffered a devastating loss over the weekend with the tragic death of their 10 year old daughter who fell from her bicycle and later died in hospital. This tradgedy has shaken all of Ithaki. Most of the island turned out at the funeral which was held yesterday morning in Vathy.


Thur 23 June - A Notice from a UK traveler that may interest others who are coming to Ithaca in July.

Could you please post this on your letters page to let anyone know that's
flying out from Gatwick on the 10th of July and had a change of flight
times,  i.e. was going to be 11.20 am and is now 4.50 am that there is going
to be a very long wait at Sami for the ferry across to Ithaca, until 3.05pm
so folks its going to be at lest 12 hours before you see the Jewel in Kefelonias
crown, but you will be able to look across at her from Sami, if you can keep
your eyes open........but when you have been awake since (or like me not
gone to bed at all) 1.00 or 2.00am its going to be a very long day!
Arrrggghhhh!!!!! I really feel like complaining to a certain tour company
that's for sure!!!
Debbie Feighan
Ward Administrator
Douglas Bader Unit

Sat 24 June - Northern local who recently acquired new black car has been speeding around the island missing other vehicles and people by an ear hair. Oh what a joy it was to see him get stopped by the police on the way from Vathy back north, only minutes after local in new black car overtook blue car, nearly went head on into approaching white car, which nearly forced non-descript coloured car off the road and into the sea. It was very satisfying to wish the police were around the corner and to discover, for the first time in my life, that they really were. New black car came to a screeching halt when man in official coloured car showed him his palm and pulled him over. A little justice and payback for the speed that brushed against my thighs and scared the hell out of me one day as I walked from Stavros to Frikes. Unfortunately whatever the police hit him with didn't work like I'd hoped. Local in new black car beat us into Stavros even though we had at least a 20 - 30 min jump on him...Getting a little bored with the internet. Wonder if I could take a motor apart and put it back together. Shouldn't be too hard for someone that has no idea about cars and can't see that well.

Some Yiannis Celebrated their Name Day yesterday. Hronia Polla.

Sun 26 June - Each year it's the same thing. No there won't be a Panighiri in Frikes, Yes, there will ... oops no there won't, then a few days before the date of 30th June...Yes, there will be a Panighiri in Frikes. As it stands today, the news is that YES, the Panighiri is definiately on, so head down to Frikes (bring a coat unless you intend to burn up the dance pavement. You know it gets chilly in that village after 11pm)

It's a Party - Yefyri, the new restaurant and Cafe in Platrithia will open it's doors on Friday 1st July. The owners are giving an opening night party which starts at 8pm. All are welcome for drinks and a look around. Although it's been a long time coming, it's been worth the wait. Alot of thought and work has gone into making Yefyri a warm and welcoming environment for those who want to escape the hustle and noise of the bayfront, and if you haven't yet peaked inside on your way past, you'll be pleasantly surprised, if not astounded, how well the owners have transformed the old Levendis sehll into the charming Yefyri. Yefyri, the new Steki in Platrihtia. See you all on Friday 1st July at Yefyri, and smile...I'll be taking a few shots.

Tue 28 June - A funny thing happened as I was sitting around doing nothing in Platrithia. A woman drives past and doesn't even attempt the bend in the road. She just takes her hands off the wheel and lets her car run straight into the stone wall in front of her. Everyone that wittnessed it thought she had done it on purpose as she was so relaxed, sitting behind the wheel bouncing around and then just sort of smiling in an amused sort of manner. The woman and her passenger are not hurt. Casually they get out of the car, casually they stand over its' bonnet watching the steam seep up from the cracks. Seems she just got her lisence a week ago. Did she miss the lesson that involved breaking??? The rubber bumper took no damage, but the radiator burst a rather big leak. The woman calls her husband who drives down to inspect the damage and take care of the disabled car. He stops and parks right in the middle of the road...on a bend. Hmmm...Wonder who gave the woman driving lessons.

It's July

Sat 2 July - A sad ending to the Frikes Panighiri in the early hours of Friday morning after an argument turned into a full on brawl in the streets of Frikes. Over 15 people, beat, bit and kicked eachother through drunken mayhem into complete oblivion. Black eyes and hospital admissions. Never before has the island seen such a pathetic display of humanity. The hope of many is that this should have severe consequences for the participants so as not to be repeated. Being drunk is no excuse, guess the racist hatred was ready to boil over long before these disgusting excuses for people had their first svinaki. Luckily there were no serious injuries...this time.


Monday July 3rd, Theofilos Karanzis, beloved husband to Spirithoula, father to Yiorgos and Nikos, Captain and friend to most of Ithaki, died in Athens after a long battle with illness. Ithaki said goodbye to Theofilos and gave their condolescences to the Karantzis family at the funeral, held Tuesday July 4th in Raxi.


Wed 6 July - The island gets ready for the Panighiri in Exoghi and Kioni this month. Don't forget to check out July on the Calender for other events such as Exhibitions or concerts.

Friday 8 July - Poster competition Finalists Exhibition today in Vathy. Check Calender for details.

Tue 12 July - The new Public shower complex in Frikes is about to open its' doors, or should I say curtains. This gets my vote for the best name on the island. Wait for it.....Da Daaa 'Golden Showers'.

After a scorching day the skies opened up for about 4 minutes for a down pour of rain. It cleared a little of the stickiness from the air...Still hot though.

Things got a bit wild in Platrithia on the weekend when a Greek night at the local restaurant turned into a rowdy affair, leaving broken glass and bottles for the owners to clean up and explain away to the locals.

Lonely Planet Guide is on the island interviewing businesses for their updated Ionian edition. Everyone is spieling the spiel to get a good deal (or at least write-up) among these prestigious travel pages.

Fri 15 July - Last night a young Platrithia 'petrol head' decided to test the patience of the Frikes community by racing through the street at a dangerous and alarming speed. The young man turned at the pier to try it again, but this time owner of Rementzo Restaurant, Nektarios, threw himself in front of the car (which luckily didn't run him over) to stop the young speedhead from continuing. Nektarios let loose his wrath, which was applauded by tourists and locals, but to seemingly no reponse from the young man. This reckless behaviour has stretched the patience of the Frikes community. Who knows what the consequences will be for the next person to try this in the Frikes streets. One thing is for sure. It's bound to be ugly. Fears for the children of the village and the waitresses which cross the street as they take food to and fro to their restaurants, abound.

Sun 17 July - There is so much building going on around the island, it's no wonder everyone thinks Ithaca is having a boom time. Lots of tourists deciding to make Ithaki their Summer home by buying up property that isn't tied up in family disputes. With next years 19% tax to be introduced around February, buyers and sellers feel pressured to move quickly on real estate around the island. Guess what needs to be said is that if you think it's exp[ensive now, wait until next year. Many people are still coming to Ithaca, and greece in general, thinking property pirces are a bargain here, but those days have well and truly gone. Prices were initially hiked up through sales of property by foreign owners and now even the sheeps paddock is going for a small fortune. Of course, everyone looking to buy, wants a view, and luckily for them, Ithaca is a small island so there are views to be found almost anywhere, but as owners realize more and more the value of what they have, buyers are asked to outlay more money. How much Paradise?

Mon 18 July - The road down to Polis Bay is a nightmare! It was closed for a couple of days last week as digging for the trenches was being done. This road has been 'Hallia' (really bad) for a long time and the promise of it being fixed is always just around the corner, but... Slowly slowly. Now the road isn't just a stretch of potholes, but a stretch of potholes with a big trench on the side which has decreased the half road to a quarter. Driver beware. Do not take your trailers or caddies down unless you want to take the short cut through the bends and down the slope through the brush...Oh and be prepared for oncoming traffic. There is nowhere to pull into when wanting to pass. Good Luck!

Tue 19 July - There's no doubt about it. Last night was the beginning of the summer rush. Mopeds and cars everywhere and the dff dff in the bars has gone up a notch or two. The under 25's are revving up and getting ready for a wild time til dawn from now until the end of August. Mid night swims, beach parties and svinakia for everyone. Hold on tight. There won't be sleep for anyone tonight.

Don't forget, the Kioni Panighiri is on tomorrow night. The ferries will be full with ex pats returning for the big event.

Thu 21 July - Crash in Kioni. Many cars damamged. NOT. News that Andreas in his big black van had an accident in Kioni last night, trying to park his car on the way home, but instead getting stuck between the lines of parked panighiri cars on each side of the road, which he supposedly crashed into and scratched, is completely unfounded. Police aided Andreas to remove himself from the dangerous squeeze he had unwittingly found himself in, without a scratch to his massive van or any of the cars parked on either side of him. You would think after all the excitement of a Panighiri, there would have enough real news without making stuff up.

Wed 27 July - The person on the island, most want want to meet, is President of Amnesty International Greece, Gerasimos Kouvaras, originally from Stavros. His presence on the island is encouraging great discussions about the injustices in the world at present.

After a top of 37 C yesterday, the weather bureau predicts temps of around 40 C over the next few days, but as long as the cool sea breezes keep on coming each afternoon, the island will not be too badly effected by the heat. Everyone is reminded that lighting of fires and barbeques isnot permitted, and smokers, please put your butts in the ashtray and don't toss them out of the car windows. This is a high fire hazaard period It's also worth mentioning that walking during the midday heat is not advisable if wanting to avoid sunstroke.

Fri 29 July - Who says the old ways are dead. Northern Ithaki elderly couple went to Patras for medical treatment. The doctor refused to take money, so on their next visit, the couple took a goat and cheese as payment for his kind.

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