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John Stuart Anderson

1927  -  2002

John Stuart Anderson began to tour North America in 1961 where he appeared in theatres and Universities from New York to Hawaii and Alaska, from the Arctic Circle to the deep south of Texas.  He was invited to live and work permanently in the United States which he did from 1976 -- 1984.

On returning to Britain, he built and then directed and performed in two of the smallest professional Theatres in the UK. One was called Somershey, where  many well-known and distinguished Actors, musicians and Celebrities appeared with him. 

Somershey in Cratfield, Suffolk opened it's doors in 1985.  By 1986, it had become the smallest professional theatre in Britain.  After a BBC programme on Somershey, audiences steadily increased and were highly supportive of the intriguing programmes.  After 3 remarkably successful seasons in Cratfield, the Somershey Theatre was able to embark upon a year-round season when it relocated in 1988, to the historic and beautiful Assemlby Rooms in the former 17th Century Coaching Inn, The White Lion Hotel, Eye.  The rare and unusually fascinating performances with music and lighting kept the audiences spellbound in this Georgian theatre.  A night at the Somershey had become a unique and wonderful experience.

A man with talent and compassion for the world.

While travelling the world with his talent and prose, John Stuart Anderson spent many months holidaying in Greece, whose culture and people he loved and admired.  He chose to live out his life on Ithaca, where he died December 18th 2002.  John has given over 4000 performances during his life time, each with passion and a love for the art  he took part in.  He has narrated with Symphony Orchestras and played Carnegie Hall, churches and schools, all with equal enthusiasm, as if each night was the first.  A truly marvellous talent.  This man, his performances and writings will be missed by those who have witnessed his work and his love of drama and acting.  Theatre for all to experience.  To experience his talent and the spellbinding atmosphere of his innovative programmes was a unique and inspiring thrill for the senses .

Somershey construction

Somershey Performances

John Stuart Anderson

1927  -  2002

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with all his friends in Kioni

John Stuart Anderson and his partner and long time Manager, Ricky Church,

settled In the small harbour village of Kioni in Ithaca in 1997, where John lived out his last years.

In January 2002 John gave his farewell Performance at St. Annes Church in Lewes with Black Madonna.

He was loved and admired by all who knew him and will be remembered in their hearts.

May he Rest In Peace.

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