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Wednesday 1st - It seems that overnight the temperature rose by 10 degrees. Gone are the coats (at least for now) and out come the sandals. Brilliant weather to start off April on Ithaca.
Thursday 2nd - Public service and some private sectors strike for pensions, so no ferry departure this morning. They utilize the time by painting the boat however.
Soulatso is a new Cafe Bar opening in Vathy. It's actually a Cafe Music Bar near Mylos Creperie on the opposite side of the bay to the shops. Opening is this Saturday. Gerry our resident photographer here on Ithaca is part of this new family venture that will no doubt enhance the bayside entertainment in Vathy.
Monday 6th - Very low cloud today, covering all the highlands and obscuring the view. It's not cold, but not inspiring to be outdoors either. Right - Just some of the inhabitants of the area between Raxi and Vigla in the north of the island.
The walk from Raxi to Vigla has a steady climb, but the scenery is beautiful and green.
While Piperato, Symposium and 'The Orange' bar (Fiorendinos) have remained open on and off during the winter, Rementzo had its doors firmly shut while new baby girl Katerina took first position in Nektarios and Poppys lives. This week however, the doors opened again, soon Penelopes and Odysseas will open their doors again too.
Easter is now just around the corner. I've got a feeling this year we'll have lots of visitors, even though the predictions are gloomy, I don't think Ithaki is effected . People just love it here too much.
Tuesday 7th - What a fantastic day today. The sun is shining, it's warm, the birds are chirping, bees buzzing, Spring all around. The kind of day it feels good to be alive. One of the traditional villages of Ithaca is Raxi in the north of the island. It has even better views of Kioni than Kioni and the people of the village are some of the nicest you'll meet.
Right - Rementzo spruced up for another Season. Hopefully we'll see Mrs. Rementzo (Poppy) a little more this year now that she's in action again after her second child.
Left - Kioni. It's still pretty quiet in this village except for the old faithfuls like Aleka from the Mini Market and Georgos from Spavento Bar who open every day for whoever is around.
Below - Frikes is just now starting to buzz again with the characters we all know and love back in town. Penelope Restaurant, although with a new Canope, still stands out from the rest, choosing to paint it white instead of staining the wood as have all the other restaurants along the strip.
Left - Oz and the colourful Peter Fatouros from Fiorendino Bar (more commonly known as the Orange Bar) The long lost (winter) sons are back where they belong. These two characters liven up the little village of Frikes each Summer with their intelligently funny banter and humorous competition, but seriously Peter, if you play 'The Final Countdown' or 'Land Downunder' one more time I'm going to have to put sugar in your tank :)
Friday 10th - As we approach Easter, there seems to be a flurry of activity everywhere as restaurants hurry to be patron-ready. Lunchtime in Frikes was buzzing today. The Fiorendino family (Orange Bar) were moving out their Summer furniture, Nektarios was getting ready to put the canopy onto his outdoor eating area, Penelope Restaurant is vigorously undergoing its outdoor facelift and locals getting out in the street to soak up the activity.
Don't forget on Sunday is the opening of Ester van Zuylens painting and sketches exhibition at Ores Gallery in Vathy. (Just behind the Council Offices) The exhibition is named The Dance of Life. Ester is one of Ithakis Walking guides and well known by visitors and many locals for her affinity to the environment she is in. We are certain to see natures' influence in her art which will be on show from 12 - 26th April.
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