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Monday 13th - There's no doubt about it, THE SEASON has begun. A pre- Greek Easter flurry of activity wherever you look, wherever you go. Frikes has definitely awoken from its winter hibernation with locals and visitors descending on the small bayside village for lunch and dinner every night of the week. Most restaurants are fully ready for the enslaught, but with the years of experience behind them, they make up for whatever staff is missing with their enthusiasm to please.

Left - Mummy Poppy (Mrs. Rementzo) takes the kids to work. Early training in this industry is essential.

Right - Last night Ester van Zuylens 'Dance of Life' exhibtion opened to rave reviews at Ores Gallery in Vathy. Click here or on photo right for more.

Below - Soulatso, the new Cafe Music Bar in Vathy is buzzing. The Bar will be joining IG soon so you'll be able

to see what all the fuss is about. Gerry Karavias dream of 20 years, comes to life on Vathy bayside.
Before you enter Soulatso, you know there is something different about this venue. It's very modern with details not seen on the island before, the crowd is young and the energy is high. Gerry (Ithakis resident photographer and Photo Center man) has put his heart and soul into this project that has seen him wait for 20 years.
It feels like yesterday there was no one and today, everyone is here. All the holiday reps are getting acquainted with their Ithaki side of work, Winter refugees are returning to their sunny island, visitors in hire cars, buses, with backpacks and suitcases, coming by plane and yachts are all beginning to descend on our blossoming little island. Here's to a good season for all!
We all know Easter isn't the best time of year for Sheep, and just when you think you're only going to the Slaughter, you fall in the sea? That's what happened to a poor little lamb the other day. On it's way to slaughter it freaked out and fell into the bay. The shepherds couldn't swim, so Nektarios from Rementzo Restaurant jumped into the (almost freezing) Frikes Bay to rescue the lamb, but alas, it was only rescued to be slaughtered even more quickly than had it stayed on track. Due to some 'tenderness' reason, the shepherds quickly ended the lambs life before it's spasming muscles (spasming from being frightened) ruined the meat. This lamb had no chance, it was either get slaughtered, drown, or die of fright.
Friday 17th - Good Friday today for our Greek Easter Week. Lots of people everywhere, north and south of the island. Church services each night through this Big Week. The weather is great, and locals hope it will remain so as we head toward the Easter Sunday when most families on Ithaki will be preparing, cooking and eating their lamb on the spit to break the Lent Fast.
In other news, Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia is open for business again, having had their opening last night.
Left - When driving up to Exoghi, there are so many places you want to stop to take a pic of the great views. There are plenty and they are stunning no matter what the weather. Today with blue skies, Afales is aqua and crystal clear.
Saturday 18th - Last night every village on Ithaca celebrated Good Friday with church services and parades, but in Kioni, as is the tradition, there was also the extra spectacle of 'Burning Judas'. Each year the locals stuff hay into a pair of jeans, shirt and hat to make Judas resemble someone. This year he also touted a mobile phone before he got torched. This ritual occurs the minute the church bells ring for the priest and congregation to come out of the church.
Personally, I've never seen this many people in Kioni for this occasion. There were hundreds and hundreds of them parading through the village of Kioni.
Tonight there are more church services to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. The ritual lighting of candles to bring light to the world makes Ithaca a very pretty sight around midnight.
Sunday 19th - It was too nice a day yesterday to stay inside so it was out into some of the villages to see what was cooking.
Sunday 19th - For all the pics of the Resurrection and Easter Sunday Click here. A great weekend, lots of religion, food, drink and good times as is normal for this, one of the biggest celebrations in Greece.
Happy Greek Easter to Everyone
If you want to head straight to the Easter Sunday pics then Click here
Friday 24th - After Easter the weather reverted back to grey and rainy days. The temps are a bit cooler too. Just when you think it's safe to put out the sun lounge... Flotillas are beginning to come into our bays more and more each day and 1 or 2 Tour Cos have also started bringing in their guests. Unfortunately for them, the weather isn't sunny and warm, but there's no much we can do about that. Below - Kioni around the bayside.
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