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Saturday 25th - As we head into the last few days of April, more and more visitors are beginning to land on our shores. Left - Ross, Emma and Jo sailed into Frikes yesterday. Emma is no stranger to sailing around the Ionian as she worked for one of the Flotillas which sailed the Ionian last year. This year she's heading to Africa to take a rare opportunity while her parents Ross and Jo sail from here to New Zealand next week.
Seems the power out we had a couple of nights ago fried some more equipment with phone calls coming in strong with the question - does your internet work?
The weather was great again today. Looks like our 'rain, rain go away' chant yesterday, really worked.
Sunday 26th - The island is in full bloom at the moment. Everywhere you look, looks spectacular. Although there is a rumour that tomorrow we're going to get some more rain, today was almost completely sunny and quite warm. Now that the Easter rush is over, Ithaca is somewhat more quiet than it was last week, but there's still a steady amount of visitors coming to our shores now. Yachts in Kioni, Frikes and Vathi. Walking holidayers, cycling holidayers, just plain holidayers on Ithaca.
Wednesday 29th - Above Right and Left - Vathy town. The end of another month, almost. We've had a couple of days of rain and some wind, but today it looks like it will clear up just in time for the official season to begin.
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