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Sunday 25th - Last night, Ores Gallery presented Jean Cocteaus' The Human Voice for its first of 3 nights presentation. The rainy night didn't hinder attendance or Kefi (good cheer). Click here or on photograph left for more pics.
Another rainy day, grey skies, gloomy horizon, but it's actually not that cold. There's not much to tell these past days. It's quiet and wintery, people going about their business (those left on the island that is) as they do every day. Nothing spectacular, just ordinary life. Very nice actually.
Monday 26th - Yesterday, it rained most of the day and then in the evening, strong winds. Today, it looks like it may clear up. Even had some warm sunshine.

Monday morning usually means that the northerners head down south to Vathy to do their banking, bill paying,, shopping and sundry. Southerners have it a little easier with Vathys' commercial center right at their doorstep so to speak. The Vathy Post Office now has Bill Pay, online and 21st century technology to make bill paying on Ithaca much easier. Now you no longer need to pay your electricity bill on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday at DEH, but can pay it anytime (even if late) at the Post Office. Ithaca is catching up. Below left - Mr. Lourantos from Lourantos Apartments in Vathy and below right - Dorothea and Yianni from Yiannis Taverna in Stavros.

Tuesday 27th - Star Channel is selling weather with sex or maybe the weather is selling the sex, no matter, the 4 minute weather forecast has no one remembering the temperature.
By the way the weather for tomorrow is top of 16C with rain.
Saturday 31st - Getting just a little cooler now, and so it should, it's nearly February and we've almost had autumn weather through this winter. People are dropping off like flies with flus and colds, fevers and chills. Even Vathy (below) was quiet in the streets yesterday.
Alexia is escaping New York to experience her Ithaki connection. We caught up with her at Porto in Vathy.
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Click here to see more pics of The Human Voice performance at Ores Gallery in Vathy