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Monday 16th - Above - Ag. Sarantas corner church. This time of year we get some of the most spectacular red sunsets, with the skies being especially impressive from the west facing villages such as Lefki in the middle of Ithaki.
Winter on Ithaca 2009
Right - Even local woman do a little fishing in the bay of Vathi, and why not, the nicest place to be is near water and in the sunshine.
Friday 20th - Another brilliant and sunny day on Ithaca. Looks like there are no bad weather forecasts on our immediate horizon which makes it ideal to get all that olive picking out of the way and into the Oil Presses for our delicious local olive oil.
On the weekend there will be information given by doctors to the locals about the Swine flu at the Stavros Community Hall. Everyone has their own thoughts of the severity of this flu threat, but information and an opportunity to question some professionals is always a good thing.
Sunday 22nd - The weather continues to be fine and warm. Flowers have been tricked to believe it's Spring again, and are popping up all over the place. Above - Fisherman coming into Frikes bay.
Tuesday 17th - The race is on to get all the olives picked. With the rains, locals got behind in their harvest, but now the sun is back, there's a lot of catch-up to do. Vathy on a Monday morning is usually as much hustle and bustle we get on Ithaca, but with everyone out in the groves, even Monday morning is quiet. At least you know you can always find a place to park.
Wednesday 18th - Another spectacular day yesterday. Sunshine all around, blue skies and still seas. The weather should continue like this for the rest of the week. Yesterday, you didn't need a coat. Very mild.
Thursday 19th - More wonderful weather yesterday. A little summer in our winter.
Above - An old ruin in Kioni. Left - The Kentro Cafe in Stavros where alot of card playing goes on during the winter months.
Tuesday 24th - It's getting a little chillier now on Ithaca as the olive harvest nears to its close. The cooler weather and clearer air is making for some very stunning sunrises and sunsets over the Ionian.
In the north of the island, the streets are very quiet. Morning and evening have a little more activity, but midday to around 6.30pm there's barely a soul to be found.
Ithaki weather on our home page has moved from yahoo to weather online. Better forecasts.
Sunday 29th - Getting quite a bit cooler now and it's kind of nice and cosy. Below Left - Lahos village between Platrithias and Frikes and Below Right - Kioni behind the bay where colourful and traditional houses climb up the hillside to have some of the best views in the north of the island. People who love Kioni never want to leave.
Thursday 26th - Not much to report from Ithaki. Everyday life continues as it does it winter, there's plenty of time to take things slow and easy, the Ithaki Theatre group is rehearsing its play 'The Dining Room' and the olive harvest is almost over.
Monday 30th - Can't believe it's the end of another month. They just fly by. Whatever happened to counting down the days to Christmas. Now Christmas counts down on us. Ready, set, go. Today, a mostly cloudy day predicted, but with a temperature of 21 C, who knows we could get a little sunshine. Ithaki does have its own micro-climate and has been known to stick its nose up to weather predictions. Right - The green green grass of Stavros toward Pilikata..
Left - Ithaki has no shortage of quaint and picturesque chapels dotted all over the island, north to south. This white and blue chapel is located behind the main road between Stavros and Pilikata where only those tourists who dare to walk the tracks and paths of the island, are likely to discover.
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