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Friday 9th Continued - Above - View from the outskirts of Stavros across to Platrithia and Afales bay with Lefkada in the distance. Above - Right - Whenever the water has that translucent reflectiveness, it's difficult to pass it by when there's a camera in your hand, no matter how many times I've taken the same photo of Frikes Bay.
Ithaca in October
Monday 12th - Looks like there may be some more rainy weather on the horizon over the next couple of days. Although yesterday started off a little cloudy, the day did fix itself by midday, and turned into another blue-sky, sun-filled day so who knows, the rain may pass us by. Right - Now there are 2 roads to Marmaka, people who own plots are beginning to clear them, making all of us realize just how many little cottages there are in the area. Below - Ester van Zuylen (Ithaki Walks) just finished a commission by Peter Razos (yes, Mr. Big from Australia) for a few signs for Ag. Ioannis which Peter is donating to the Island. The signs are now delivered to the Council so hopefully it won't be too long before they're up.
My personal favourite is above right, although I doubt the Vathinians will find this very funny because as we all know, here on Ithaki, all roads lead to Vathy...well, except for the road that leads from Ag. Ioannis. This road has many a car and moped stuck in the middle with nowhere to turn around. It's a rough track mostly used for goats, so be aware - No roads to Vathy from Ag. Ioannis unless you go back toward Lefki.
by mid morning it started to bucket down. Big drops and drenching down-pours that had everyone out and about, quickly ducking for cover. From Kioni to Vathy, the heavy rain was bouncing off the tar and before we knew it, every crack in the road had puddled into a little lake.
Tuesday 13th - The forecast said rain and lots of it and early yesterday morning, we could see it coming in, along with a rainbow. For a little while it seemed it would pass over Ithaki with blue skies and sunshine over most of the island, but then...
Left - Vathy Bay only seconds before the skies opened up. At Kathara behind, it was already raining. The main street of Stavros became aflow with the heavy rain. Time to get out the canoe. Below Left - The weather was so bad yesterday that even The Gods packed up and went home. Niko from The Gods gift shop called it a Season yesterday afternoon. Closed shop for another year to re-open again next Summer Season.
Above - The Post Office in Vathy is now the center for paying all our bills on the island. It's made life alot easier for the locals, but the Post Office staff? Well, they've never worked so hard. Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the convenience of it. Yesterday morning, Vathy was very quiet, but then... A tour bus rolled into town and before you knew it, there was a mass of Day Tripping enthusiasm all looking for the museum.
Right - This lovely old boat sails into Frikes and other ports around the Ionian several times a year during the Shoulder Seasons, bringing cycling enthusiasts to step through the winding roads of Ithaki as they make their way from island to island. Yesterday was the perfect day for that, but today it's back to rainy skies.
Saturday 17th - One day rain, the next sunshine. Guess that's how it's going to be from now on. Surprisingly there are still quite a few yachts sailing past and sailing into our shores, well motoring in mostly. Many of the bayside restaurants in Vathy have now closed their doors for the season, but there are those who are open all year around like Kalkanis behind the Square, Porto on the bayside and Drosia in the hills. Mylos on the other side of the bay too, will be making crepes and serving up some great music over the winter as will Soulatso, the new kid on the block and Karamela with its mezedes. Gone are the days, that when winter comes, everyone goes home. There are still plenty of places to go around the island. Spavento Bar in Kioni always warms the hearts of the locals there and from around the island with Georges great mix of music and drinking nights.
Right - It doesn't take long for everything to go green again after the rain.
Wednesday 14th - Yes folks, it looks like Summer is over. Yesterday the strong winds cooled everything down and blew quite a few things away also. In the north of Greece there will be snow fall soon and here a forecast top of 14. It's not going to get any better after the weekend either with more rain and storms on the horizon. It might just be time to pack the bikini away for another year and dust off the winter coats. So for all of you pining for Summer Ithaki, pine no more, we're into winter mode...until our annual Indian Summer arrives.
Thursday 15th - Blue skies again yesterday, but the winter chill was also very prominent, especially in the shade.
THEATRE NEWS - Good news for locals is that the Ithaki Theatre Group is currently in rehearsal for 'The Dining Room (H TPATTEZAPIA)' a play written by Gunar. An intriguing series of 'shortcuts' that center around this one room of a house, spanning over a century. The Ithaki Theatre Group hope to have it on stage around the end of January, but it could also be earlier, so check back here regularly for the date.
Left - "It came off the back of a truck" has a slightly different meaning on Ithaki. Dimitris from Laertis Fruit and Veggie Farm in Stavros takes his fresh show on the road several times a week to give locals without transport, the opportunity to shop for their fresh produce wherever they are. A tradition that keeps the smaller villages alive and fed.
Above Left - Weather coming in. Above Right - Weather going out
Monday 19th - Above - It's almost Olive harvest time. Northern Ithakis Farmers Co-Op get together at the Frikes Olive Oil Press to discuss the seasons harvest. Left - Ag. Nikolaos church at Mavrona. This small fishing bay is located just under the village of Raxi in the north of the island.
Below - Exoghi. Yesterday we had a little of everything, a little rain, a little wind and a little sunshine.
Above - The picturesque chapel in Exoghi. Right - Frikes views. Below Left - Raxi. Some of the locals of this village (new and old) have been going all out lately to restore some of the ruins and dilapidated houses to restore them back into the lovely cottages they once were.
Winter on Ithaca is looking very charming and beautiful
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