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Monday 12th - We've had great weather these past weeks and even yesterday, while it rained up north somewhere, here on Ithaca, we had brilliant sunny skies.
Kourvoulia beaches seem to be getting back the sand that had disappeared over the years. Ithaca's pebble beaches may soon be sandy again.
It's amazing how quiet the island feels again after the Easter influx. We get to have this little paradise all to ourselves at the moment. A yacht here and there comes in occasionally, a visitor walking here, eating there, but generally, the locals are enjoying the Spring and just how wonderful the island looks and feels right now, all for themselves.
It's no secret that Greece doesn't look too good in the media lately, and if the politicians, wherever they reign, took the time to smell the roses (wild flowers) they may remember that life should mean more than the clink of a euro.
For many northern Ithacans, Sunday morning means coffee and croissant at Spavento Bar in Kioni and then maybe lunch at Avra or one of the restaurants in Frikes. Even southerners come up north for the change in menu.
The face of the 3rd Kravoulia Beach will be changing, well only if you look behind, looking forward will still give you a great sea view. A new road has been dug out of the bush which leads to a new 'build'.
Monday 19th - A lot of sunshine, a little rain and a dose of wind now and then makes up our Spring weather over the past couple of weeks. In the north there's not alot going on, but business is open just in case
Thursday 15th - A little rain a couple of days ago, but the skies were blue again the next day. Currently there's alot of burning off going on, also quite a bit of building, so there is a negative to winter being over. The biggest negative for me personally is that the silence is broken with revved up motorbikes and mopeds. Tis the season to be 'a petrol head'. Ithaca can't escape this 'western world' phenomenon, uinfortunately.
Tuesday 20th - Rainy, dark skies the past couple of days. A little gloomy, but a little more rain before the summer begins isn't a bad thing.
When there's a crowd around a fishing boat, you know there's a good catch to be collected. A local Vathy fisherman caught some fish that had other locals very impressed.
Above Right - No, it's not a fire, but there is still alot of burning off going on around the island. All the olive tree branches and dry scrub smoking through the trees. Some seem to overdo it a bit, but it's better to have the land clear than overgrown during the summer.
Good news for all the travelers around Europe, planes are due to fly again today. I guess with threats of suing etc, the 'no flight ban' was bound to be lifted sooner rather than later. So, let's have a good holiday season despite all the negatives we have to swallow on a daily basis. I can honestly say, there's no better place to forget about it all than here on Ithaca, so come on down...
So while the powers that be think they can control us all, along comes Mother Nature to remind them that she is boss. We may be able to juggle currencies until they cash up to suit us, but she can explode volcanos that spew out enough ash to keep planes from flying. Impressive stuff, and timely. It's about time the word 'crisis' had the meaning that was made for it.
For those of you who are regulars to the site, you will know that my real passion in life is music, well I have just finished recording another album. I try to do one each winter. Now it's finished, ithacagreece.com updates will be priority again. Just a reminder that I would still like to add more people to Ithacans around the world, so if you're Ithacan, living elsewhere, then please send me your story and a pic (not large) to be included.
Left - As some of you may know, Ores Gallery in Vathy is no longer, but what has replaced it has the kids of Ithaki very excited. More than just a playground, but a cool fun place for kids to go wild with trampoline, blow up castle and a heap of kiddy things that get them playing together and socializing. Caramel House is not only good for the kids, but for the parents too. A Cafe bar keeps mum or dad happy while the kids enjoy all the fun play time activities. Caramel House is also a great place for kids parties. Keeps them from destroying the house, so that can't be bad.
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