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Above & below - Filiatro beach, just a little further along the road out of Vathy, was spotless and pristine. The Cantina building has disappeared and has left a clean dry spot where it once was. The water looked so inviting it was hard to keep my clothes on. Right - Mr. Kalkanis and Mr. Mentor share in conversation during a midmorning easy period.
Thursday 22nd - Left - Sarakiniko beach. It's been almost a year since I've been in this direction and I must say that this beach has such great potential, but unfortunately there's just too much rubbish laying around from campers past. The outside loo (below) still stands proudly looking over the beach.
Above - Vathy High School looks like it will get a makeover. I'm sure the parents and the students think that it's about time. The current High School building is in a state of disrepair and degredation. With new school buildings, it can only help the students be more motivated to learn. Maybe they will be more able to respect their environment if it's one they can be proud of. I guess we'll see how long before there is graffiti on the walls.
Saturday 24th - A bit hazy today, but temperature wise its been quite mild as we head into May. Right - Afales views. Below - Northern shepherds lose control over their flock. These sheep just wouldn't take instruction, finally deciding to run the other way with the boys behind.
Above Left - You could get away with thinking that Sarakiniko in the distance, is almost perfect. Above Right - More pipes being layed in Vathy. Left - Kimmi our retired Stavros Butcher, father of Kostas our current Stavros Butcher. The butcher shop in Stavros is a pleasant reminder of traditions past.
Left - These sheep seem a little more in the hands of the shepherd. Above - A lone goat looks down over Frikes bayside high on the rocks that give Frikes its name. Yesterday Giorgos' around Greece celebrated their Name Day. There were lunches and drinks all day wishing all our Ithacan Giorgos Hronia Polla. Below Right - Giorgos Karantzis celebrated with his family at the Frikes Restaurant Rementzo.

Ithaca Island Greece

The kids went off to the various playgrounds while the parents, with one eye on the kids, proceeded to enjoy a celebrative afternoon with family and friends over a feast of food and good local wine.

Above - Afales Beach ... Below - Frikes Pier
Right - Yachts sail into Vathy bay. We're all still wearing our jackets and the yachters are barefoot and in their swimmers, already tanned by the Spring sunshine.
Wednesday 28th - Wow! What weather we're having. It's fantastic. Yesterday may well have been the last day for boots and jackets. Below - 'Tis the season buying off the back of trucks. Yes, the island hopper traders are coming back. Who needs Ikea.
If you've passed through Kioni over the past 8 years or so, you will have no doubt set your eyes on or stepped foot in the wonderful jewelry house in Kioni, Tehnima. The owners Ageliki and Dimostenis have made their quaint traditional establishment into an interesting and colourful display. There's always something interesting to look, even if you're passion isn't jewelry. This year the shop premiers its new concept the Gem Pit.
Tuesday 26th - Changing skies over the past week or so, sometimes sunny, sometimes overcast, but still the weather is quite mild as we head into May. Each day more and more yachts begin to sail around the Ionian, some of them occasionally stopping in one of our ports. As the Season progresses, we'll see more and more half naked people walking our streets.
Thursday 29th - Come on, come on to Ithaca. Greece has had such a bad rap over the past months and considering that the government seems to be stepping on its own population on its way to the bank, the spirit of the Ithacans is considerably high and eager for the Season to begin. So let's no waste any time, let's get into the fever of summer early and dispel the blues with some warm sunshine and a few drinks and good food with friends.
Above - Kioni View
Above - On the road between Stavros and Apostolata. Nothing but blue skies over the past days, making us all feel enthused to be out and about.
Friday 30th - Magnificent weather. Everyone's feeling it. Over the past couple of days there are also quite a few more people in the streets. With tomorrow the 1st of May, which Greece celebrates in various ways, the weekend looks like it will be a busy one.
Right - Vathy Bay looking just wonderful. Below Left - Nyritos Cafe Bar in Vathy Square is having a big face lift. The interiors have been completely gutted. Let's hope it will retain a little of the traditional charm we all love to see around Ithakis traps.
Some northern locals will be heading up to Vigla for 1st May BBQ. Viglas church has been restored by the generosity of some northern locals. It's a bit of a hike up the mountain behind Kioni, but that hasn't stopped the committed. Should be a great day.
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