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Saturday 21st - A scorching hot day today. It's misty, still and steaming with the horizon blocking out the islands and Mainland across the way. Below - Vathy Town.
Monday 23rd - Seems like some counterfeit 50 euro bills have been floating around the island. 2 Local shop keepers in Stavros have reported around 5 so far, so be careful with your 'change'. The weather continues to be very warm as we head into the last week of August.
Friday 20th - Hopefully things will return to normal completely by next week, but for now let's just have a look at a few sights around Ithaki. Left - Yachts moor around all the bayside of Kioni during the High Season of Summer. Below - Basos ferry links Ithaca to Lefkada Island from which the mainland is reachable by car.
Left - It's been a long time now since we've seen any rain, and although Ithaca is still quite green, signs of drying out is noticeable in the less populated regions of the island. Below - Bus tours are of course a daily occurance, especially in Stavros where Odysseas Bust continues to draw the masses.
Above - Loutsa Beach on the edge of Vathy is a popular cool spot for those staying in the area. Left - Outside of Vathy, heading north is Aetos Beach. Below - Golden light over Lefki. Undoubtedly one of the last place to catch the sun before it sets.
Above Left - The archeoligically significant Pilakata hill just outside of Stavros with the mountain village of Exoghi in the background. Above - A shepherd in Anoghi at dusk. Left - Sunset from the Anoghi to Stavros road. Below - Island views.
Ithaca Summer Holiday 2010
Wednesday 25th - Above, Below and Right - Krouvoulia 2 Beach outside of Frikes in the north of Ithaca, still very populated. With temps forecast to rise tomorrow to around 38C, bets are that all the beaches will be full.
Above - Early morning heading south to Vathy. In Vathy there is still quite alot of tourist action. Yachts fill the harbourside and people everywhere. The month that really counts for Ithaca during the Summer Season was much better than expected and many business have simultaneously given off a sigh of relief.
The rubbish tip is still smouldering over Piso Aetos. On a still morning the smell is quite pronounced.
Some businesses are investing in ultra-violet lamps to check the 50 euro bills that are handed over the counter as more and more people come forward after having been landed with the counterfeit that's been going around. The counterfeit 50 euro bills are quite easy to tell apart even without the lamp. They are thinner in paper quality, the stars are all the same colour instead of fading from light to darker blue and the hologram has nothing in it.
While tourism goes on around the bayside villages, inside Ithaki locals go about their business as usual. Below - The Council Office clock no longer tells the wrong time.
Above - Ithaca Restaurant, the new place to eat in Stavros town and Sunset Cafe with the great view of Polis Bay below. Right - Margarita Cafe, the usual local haunt which is open all year around, catering for the northern people.
Thursday 26th - A real scorcher today with 38C and no relief from the heat in the shade. With all the talk of crisis there is barely a sign of it here on Ithaki. People everywhere, even this late in August.
Above - Dina Vasilopoulos, one of the hairdressers in Stavros and this year, also proprietor of the new restaurant 'Ithaca' which is located opposite the town park. Right - A Lahos cat let's it hang loose on a hotter than hot day.
Saturday 28th - We're into a heatwave these past few days and this will continue through the weekend.
There are still so many visitors on the island it's hard to believe it's the end of August. By Monday, locals predict tourism will begin to thin as people go back to work, but as every September over the past few years, I will hazard a guess that the island will still be very busy over the next month.
Monday 30th - Above - Kioni bayside at night. Right - It just goes to show you that a healthy life-style can still have you climbing a ladder to pick wild pears at 92 years old.
Sunday 29th - Hot days means whatever opportunity you get, you find a cool place to swim or sit. Left - Frikes Bayside. Below - The locals head to the beaches early each day to avoid the tourist crush.
The Tip fire in the south of the island is still smouldering under the tonnes of dirt that have been dumped on it. It probably won't go out completely until the rains.
Don't forget that Klara Koitler Painting exhibition is still on until the end of the month at the Gallery in Vathy. Head on down there if you get the opportunity, her work is very inspiring and worthwhile seeing. Unfortunately I missed the opening due to illness, but may just get down there myself before the painting come off the wall.

It's official. Archaeologists from the University of Ioannina have acknowledged that Ithaca is indeed Odysseas Ithaki. Digs at Filitou at Homers School location have uncovered evidence that leads them to be assured of it.

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Above - Peter from Fiorendino Bar in Frikes explains why August makes him grumpy. Below and Right - Tehnima Jewelry in Kioni is located in one of the oldest buildings on the island.
Tuesday 31st - Below - Kioni bay views to Attikos island.
Seems alot of people have left the island yesterday as Summer holidays come to an end for the majority. There are still lots of people here however. Summer on Ithaca is quite over yet. Today it's a little cloudy and a little windy, and although the temps aren't getting up into the high 30's, 30C is still hot enough for many. Over the next couple of days the temps are forecast to drop and the winds to pick up.
The last day of August started with a mighty downpour of rain in the early hours of the morning. Tomorrow the forecast is for high winds and for the weekend, more rain. We'll see how the weather pans out over the first week of September. Below Left - Kionis resident donkey. Below Right - Cloudy skies over the Cephalonia Strait after the early morning rains.
Below - Klara Koitler exhibition finishes tonight at the Gallery in Vathy. It's been a very successful and very impressive exhibition of this German painter who lives in Sarakiniko and has her studio in Exoghi. To see her webpage, go to Artists section of
Above - Katsikoulo beach in Kioni with a view across the bayside. Right - Klara Koitler is one of Ithakis most talented artists. If you missed the exhibition, check her website on the Artists section for other opportunities to see her work. I particularly liked her painting titles which really highlight what she has tried to express in her works.

Ithaca Summer Holidays

The Gem of the Ionian

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