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Wednesday 1st - KALO MINA to everyone. First day of December, last month of the year. If the skies aren't grey enough with all the rain we've been having, then the clearing off fires are making sure that it stays that way. The crackling of fires is the sound that wakes me up in the morning lately, oh and the sound of sheep. We are deep in the 'Winter' Ithaca.
Thursday 2nd - Another dark and rainy day awaits us today. It's been awhile since we've seen sunshine. For Dimitris Danis fans, you'll be happy to hear that his Nostospassword project which started on the 26th October this year in Turkey was a great success. The project received great exposure through the media via magazines, newspapers and television. Nostospassword was such a great success that Dimitris Danis has been invited back to Turkey for Kapadokia Art event, he has also been invited to the Center for New Classical Sculpture in Athens. So, not everyone is taking it easy this winter. Actress Maria Koughiannou was also at the Nostospassword performing 'The Card Castle', a monologue by John Stuart Anderson.
Friday 3rd - The sun is breaking through the clouds as I type. It would be nice to have a sunny day after all the grey ones. Below - The Frikes-Stavros Highway :) The lines are even dashed for driveways and intersecting roads.
Left - Dimitris Danis. Below - Maria Koughiannou. For more pics of the Nostospassword and Maria Koughiannous performance you can visit Dimitris website - or visit Dimitris Danis on Facebook.
Above - Congratulations to Peter Razos who announced his engagement to long time girlfriend Maria in Melbourne yesterday. Palyboy days are over for this Melbourne lad who has his roots in Ag. Ioannis. Peter commissioned and donated hand made road signs to his Ithacan village of Ag. Ioannis a couple of years ago. The couple are regular visitors to ithaca for the Summer.
Above - Frikes has on its winter look. Quite a contrast to the bayside village in Summer. With the mild temps, fishing boats are still in the water. Below - A new stone wall around the far side of Frikes Bay, near Dodonis.
Above - Fishing off the old Frikes pier. Left - Raxi views. Below Left - Frikes bayside. Below - If this cat his waiting for its morning fix of coffee, it'll have quite a wait. Polis Cantina won't open again until next Summer.
Left - Not only does the Stavros to Frikes road have brand spanking new white lines, but the re-surfaced section of the Platrithia to Frikes road does too. It looks quite good.
The Vathy cinema has been refurbished and is open for screenings again. News is that it starts this weekend, but just better check to be sure as last weeks opening was cancelled.
Winter on Ithaca 2010
Left - Dimitri from Laertes Farm fruit supply heads home with his days' catch after a morning of fishing. Below - Just a little proof there was some sunshine. Unfortunately by 1.30pm it was over.
Saturday 4th - Storms and wild winds raged across the island this morning as Ithaca farewelled one of its beloved locals, Kostas Raftopoulos, who passed away quietly in Kioni this week. Kostas has touched the lives of many who live on the island, but also many who have passed through, with his wit, charm and lyrical stories. We wish the family peace and courage through their trying time. Kosta will be much missed.
The weather was quite biblically cataclismic this morning. Once the storms passed over, patches of blue revealed themselves from behind the black sky, but it feels very transient. There is definitely more rain for us today, more wind and more storms too. The power cut for a second here and there with the lightnig strikes, but came back on luckily. The usual glassy seas are raging in their own Ionian way. Waves crashing up against the coastline around Ithaca. Although it's a wild weather day, the temperature is still unusually mild for this time of year. While the rest of Europe is under snow or flooding water, freezing, struggling to keep warm, we're still sporting our Spring wardrobes.
Tuesday 7th - Right - Christmas decorations are being put up around the villages now. Right - Stavros begins setting up its main festive decoration in the village Square. We dropped by during the set-up.
Some warm patches of sunshine yesterday and again today. With the temps dropping now, the warmth of the sunshine really lifts the spirits and makes it a joy to be outside. The views are also clearing. Our horizon is beginning to appear closer again.
Monday 6th - Yesterday the temps dropped to around 16C. It's getting quite chilly now. Looks like the temps from the north have finally made their way down to us.
Happy Name Day to all Nicholas and Nikos. There'll be celebratory lunches and drinks for this special day around Greece today.
Left - While in Summer you may find a snake in the grass, in winter it's more likely to be a boat.
The Ithaki Theatre Group has just started rehearsals for this Seasons performance. We don't have any details yet, but as soon as we do, you'll find out all about it. The theatre group has really been excelling in its performances over the past few years. Can't wait to see what they have instore for Ithaca this time. Although it is a great benefit to understand Greek, often the performances themselves are entertaining enough to get enjoyment without knowing the dialogue.


Congratulations to Peter And Maria


On the 1st of December 2010 and after 10 Glasses of Metaxa 9 Star Peter finally proposed to his beautiful girl friend Maria along the lovely South Bank In Melbourne.

Maria's Intial reaction wass what about the other woman In his life, but Peter assured her that he will be a good boy until the age of 80 years old, after that Maria should not expect too much loyalty.




Peter Razos has sent this in to share with his friends on Ithaca. Personally I think he should ask her again after the alcohol wears off. LOL

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