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Wednesday 8th - A cool, bright and sunny day today. There's not much to tell. The villages are quiet as more and more people flee the rock for the winter.
We have a top of 10C today, but in Athens it's 3C and snowing as I type. We may see snow in Anoghi before Christmas if the temps keep dropping as they are. A very chilly 4C overnight.
Monday 13th - Much cooler days now, cold actually, but the views have been crisp and amazing. A real plus in winter.
Saturday 11th - Above - Exoghi. Left - When the sun is out and a little warm, then locals still tend to take it outside. The temperature has dropped quite significantly over the past couple of days. Strong winds yesterday had us finally shivering into winter. Today the skies are almost clear, but the winter bite is here to stay as we head toward Christmas.
Yesterday was bright and sunny (above) and today (Right) its grey and miserable. Around 2am the power went out, came back on an hour or so later and this morning the power went out again for around 10 minutes. There's nothing worse than no electricity. No electricity means 'cold' for those of us who have an all electric house. In the old days, when the power went out, it would mean at least a week without electricity. When I say old days, I mean anytime before the 90s. Electrically speaking, Ithaki lives precariously through Cephalonia. Our electricity comes from under the Cephalonia Strait via a big extension lead. It's amazing we don't have more problems than we do.
Wednesday 15th - It's getting cold quickly now. There's snow on the mountain tops across on the Mainland. Maybe we'll get some here too if the temps keep dropping.
Ithaca Theatre Group is working on Chekovs play, 3 Sisters. I'll try to head to a rehearsal soon to see what's going on.
Saturday 18th - It's very, very chilly with rain almost every day. There are sunny patches however. Sometimes they last for hours, other times only a few minutes. Left - A refraction of light over Stavros. Below Left - Aetos Bay. Below - Vathy
Above - The 'Once Upon A Time' rubbish tip still smoking even after months and now, also weeks of rain. Below - Another dark cloud heading Ithakis way.
Left - Vathy town through a rainy windscreen. It rained on and off all day. Great weather to be indoors.
Monday 20th - Only 5 days until Christmas and there's no doubting it now. From north to south, the island is lit up and looking very festive for this holiday season. Below - Late ferry coming into Vathy harbour.
Ithaca is lit up like a Christmas tree as we head into the last week before the big holiday event. No rush on shopping here though. Things are pretty quiet on our little rock. Below - Stavros.
Below - Frikes doesn't have a whole lot going on if you look on the surface, but it's the one northern bayside village that has a couple of restaurants open even during the winter months - Piperato and Symposium, and of course Fiorendino Bar (best known as the Orange Bar)
Most villages decorate their Squares for the Christmas period. Left -& below - Platrithia.
An update on Ithaki Theatre Group rehearsals for Chekovs' 3 Sisters is that the cast will be rotated. As there are many more actors than roles to play, the women and men of the Group will take it in turns playing various roles. It will be interesting to see how each actor differs and varies.

The Eptanisa ferry is taking over the Patra Cephalonia Ithaca route while The Kefalonia ferry is in for its annual service.

Vathy Square has its own little village at the moment. The school children of Ithaki put on a performance in the square for which houses were built for the set. It's looking very colourful and youthfully inspiring.
Aetos Bay South Ithaca
Yesterday the temperature went up again. It's actually very pleasant during the day and not too uncomfortable at night either. With equal parts rain and sunshine, winter is not too shabby on Ithaki.
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