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Tuesday 21st - A fine day today around the island. Lots of sunshine. Left - Who says mountain villages are damp... when there was cloud covering most of the island, Exoghi was still drenched in warm rays.
As with every holiday festivity in Greece, supermarkets and butchers do very well as locals stock up for Christmas. It's all about food.
Wednesday 22nd - Seems that Christmas is a little quieter this year than previous years. Not alot of people here at all really. I guess with ferry prices up, especially if you have a car, a 'long weekend' trip to the island is prohibitive. Tis the season to be jolly (and to count your pennies)
To collect funds for the school the community had organized a 2011 Calender, among gifts the children had prepared, which featured school photographs from 1930 to 2010. A very worthwhile buy.
To continue with pre-Christmas celebrations, tonight at the Cultural Center in Vathy, there's a dance performance. It begins around 7.30pm

Friday 24th - Ithaca woke to a bit of a jolt yesterday morning as an earth tremor rumbled toward our little rock. You could hear the rumble coming and then ending with a short, but stern jolt. There were no other tremors felt after that. It's quite normal. Don't be alarmed. What's not so normal are the higher than usual temps for this time of year.

Last night En Xoron (Ithaki Dance Group) put on its performance of The Pole Express at the Cultural Center in Vathy. A fantasy train ride to the north pole to meet Santa Clause. For more pics and info Click Here or on photograph below.

Stavros is open for business all year around. You can always go somewhere to eat, drink and find some company on an Ithaki winter night.
Editors Note: As some of you know, each year I record a cd, thus the site has been a bit quiet over the past couple of months. The cd is completed now, so I'll be back around the island taking lots of pics over the winter. For info on the new cd (the Construction of Truth) you can visit my music site from where there are also links to myspace etc.
Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this holiday and a healthy and happy Season to everyone else.
Thursday 23rd - Last night the Primary School Community of Nothern Ithaca put on its Christmas Presentation at the Community Hall in Stavros. It was extremely well attended and well organized.
En Xoron Dance Group- The Pole Express Ithaca Greece
Winter on Ithaca means peace and quiet, little to do, clear views, snow on the Mainland peaks and citrus time. Oranges, lemons and manderines are abundant. Nearly every house or field has a tree or two. There is nothing like a glass of orange juice squeezed from an orange just picked from the tree.
Above - Vathy. The trees that stand out from no matter where you stand. Left - Herding through Stavros.
Tuesday 28th - So another Christmas feasting period is over as we head toward 2011. Hope you all had a great Christmas!!
Last night the temp dropped again for us to wake to a noticeably chillier day. The sun is shining however and there's lots of blue sky to keep our winter spirits up.
Wednesday 29th - The temps are cooler now, but today there was lots of warm sunshine to bathe in for most of the day. It was a good day to head for the hills and look at the views, to take a drive or a walk and be one with nature.
Although it was quite chilly today, there were lots of locals out and about in the upperlands of the island at least. Locals were picking Xorta (Greens) from the hillsides to put into pies and cook up for lunch.
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