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Below - Last night the parent community met again, this time at the Kapi in Vathy, to discuss further tactics to pressure the government to assign a full-time pediatrician to the island. Small communities all suffer from insufficient infrastructure, Ithaca is not alone. It was agreed that there would be a demonstration to the regions representatives in Cephalonia next Wednesday. Between 40 & 50 people signed up to be part of the group that would march on their offices.
Thursday 4th - Clear, blue skies yesterday and today. It's cold, but everyones' happy to see the sun again after weeks of rain. All around us, on the mainland and even Cephalonia, the mountain tops are covered in snow, and for a short minute, snow fell from the sky on Ithaki too a couple of nights ago.
Tomorrow is Burnt Thursday (Psipno Pempti). In Stavros, the community will be heading to the Community Hall for a bbq and childrens' party.

Friday 5th - Another brilliant weather day yesterday, although that's all about to change if we're to believe the weather forecast which announces by tonight, it will be raining again. The past 2 days have given us all a very welcome break from the bleak and wet days of the past weeks. With only around 20 days to go until Spring, we don't need to wait much longer for the sun will always shine. Below - Forkys Bay, DEXA

Let's hope that this won't just be another whisper in the wind. Governments in general have a lack in real listening skills so roaring may be the only way to be heard. Ithaca as a community has not banded together in this way before, demonstrating as a community is something new for the island, but each and everyone, irregardless of their political leanings, knows that without the weight of everyone backing the cause, the islands' needs will continue to be overlooked and the lives of Ithakis children, comprimised. Ithacan parents just want what all parents want, that's the availability of a doctor for when their children are ill, and not having to travel to Cephalonia, Patras or Athens with only having 2 opportunities per day to do so. At the meeting it was also decided that in early March there will be a demonstration on Parliament. Below - View to Cephalonia.
Ithaca Ithaki Ithaka ithica Ithaque island in the Ionian One of the Eptanisa Vathy Stavros Perahori Exoghi Kioni Frikes Platrithia Lefki Anoghi Afales Raxi Greece
Saturday 6th - Yesterday the weather changed back to overcast with rain, and it's forecast to get worse over the weekend. Not the best therapy for all the sniffles, colds and flus going around the island. Seems everyone is either sneezing, coughing or complaining of winter malaise.
Next Wednesday there is a national strike in Greece. Just how it will impact on the population is unknown for now, but if you're planning a trip, it may be worth checking that all your transport arrangements have not altered. It's better to be safe than sorry. Tax reviews and public sector job cuts have some of the population up in arms.
For more pics of Burnt Thursday at the Community Hall in Stavros Ithaca Greece, then click here or on photograph Left.
Yesterday a crew went around the north of the island to plug up some of the pot holes in the road. Whether it's made the road better or worse is a matter of opinion.
Sunday 7th - When they said it was going to rain again they weren't kidding. Rain Rain Rain all day yesterday and again today. It's gloomy and dark... and very cosy. Over the past years today the children of the North have had a parade in Stavros for the Carnival. This year its not on. Wednesday, there will
be a party at the Stavros Community Hall where the kids will dress up, play games and do their Carnival celebrations.
Don't forget that on Thursday, Mylos Creperie is having its Carnival party, followed by Forkis (Ithakis Theatre Group) Carnival Party at the Mentor Hotel.
Tuesday 9th - The question needs to be asked - When will it stop raining? Answer, according to the weather bureau - Not this week. Although we have had quite a few sunny patches the past couple of days, mostly its wet. As far as the birds and insects are concerned it's Spring. Yes, it is in the air, but with so much rain even the hermits are getting restless. Above Left - Lazareto. Right - Vathy and the bayside.
This week in Vathy, the annual Treasure Hunt is on again. Never having taken part, I can't really tell you what it's about, but I will make an effort to find out the next time I'm in the main town.
Thursday 11th - Ithacans now know how it feels to be constantly in the rain. It's been unbelievably wet this winter, with no more than 5 minutes here and there of sunshine. It's not terribly cold, the temperatures have hovered around the mild 13 - 15C, but it sure is damp and very grey. Yesterday and today, storms have passed over the island, drenching us again and again and again. The forecast is for rain continuing through to the weekend and beyond which means that Ithakis Carnival on Sunday is under threat. Let's hope we get our 5 mins of sun
Above - Looks like we have new neighbours. 2 Ram locking horns several times a day. They don't mind the rain at all...Nor do I actually. Getting alot of work done that would be put off if the sun were out.
Yesterdays' Childrens Carnival Party was a huge success. Well attended and alot of fun by all reports. The School Community organized for Karaoke and Clowns and Games, some ferried over from the Mainland to make it extra special. The kids had a ball! and if they did, so did the parents.
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