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Monday 22nd - Cooler day again today, but the dusty mist from the south has dispersed, leaving us with our usual winter views.
Left - Roadside view toward Lefki looking over to Kefalonia. Above - Sortiros Church in Stavros Square.
Monday morning in Vathy is getting a little busier these past days. New faces, old faces, faces venturing out of winter hibernation to be part of the Ithaki outdoor community once again.
Wednesday 24th - National Strikes again today, but didn't seem to impact us here on Ithaki much at all. We had some rain earlier in the day, but then the sky started to clear in patches, leaving us with equal amounts of sunny skies.
With so much rain over the past months, outdoor works have almost been at a standstill, now that we have some drier patches, people will be able to go about their business again to move forward. It's been a strange Winter really. No snow in Anoghi this year with quite mild temperatures also. The only frustrating thing about this season has been the copious amounts of rain that has fallen on the island. Well, at least all the water cisterns will be full, giving the locals a good start for the warmer season.
Sunday 28th - The sun is making its way back. Finally. The past few days the weather has been really nice again. It's what we're accustomed to in Winter. Mornings start off brilliant and then as the day proceeds, a little more cloud works its way through the sky. Quite mild temperatures too. Today around 17. The bad news is that petrol has gone up around 20 - 25 euro cents. It's already quite expensive on Ithaca compared to the Mainland so this hike in price, plus the further hike local vendors put on, it may be time to rev up the donkey or the horse and cart in the back shed. The good news is that the Forkis Theatre Group have had 2 full houses for their play, The Dining Room by A. R. Gurney.
ithaki theatre group play by A. R. Gurney  The Dining Room performed at the cultural center in Vathy Ithaca Greece. Director Pericles Vasilopoulos.
I could tell from the dress rehearsal that this would be a memorable production and I was right. Pericles Vasilopoulos, the Director, has done an amazing job to give this play a special mood which was funny, when it was supposed to be, and pertinent. All the young actors who have joined the group over the past couple of years have really come into their own. The Dining Room has a massive 57 characters, all of which are played by the groups' performers.
The weather did whip up the wind late yesterday. At Aetos and Dexia, on the road closest to the shore, the waves were splashing up quite furiously, making the drive a rust trap for the car. There was so much water on the road in front of the Desalinization Plant, that it was safer to take the dirt track around the edge of the Plant rather than the main road. By the time the play had finished, so had the wind and today only the birds are moving the trees.
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