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Happy New Year Everyone!!!
By the time we arrived, the Bar was already in full swing with more than enough good cheer to go around. George and Jenny ( Below Left) had it all under control... well Jimmy (Below Right) 2009s' new addition to Spavento, had it under control. G and J were making the most of bringing in the New Year.
Friday 1st January 2010 - New Years Eve started with the northern Ithaki Football Team, Odysseas, going house to house singing the New Years Song, giving out their Calendar and collecting money for the team. A deep rooted tradition. In the south, Prodos was doing the same thing. Then it was off to the bars or friends homes to await the countdown to 2010... but if you waited for the Mayor of Athens on the tele to do it, then you would have kissed too late. Last year he totally missed it, this year he just missed the countdown, but got in just in time for the fireworks. A quick kiss and ithacagreece and friends headed off to Spavento Bar in Kioni
Spavento Bar was still intimately lit by the Christmas lights, making New Years Eve in Kioni quite romantic too. The night was helped along by the mild weather bestowed upon the island at this time of year and the good choice of music selected by George, Mr. Spavento. It seemed all and sundry were wanting to bring in 2010 with a bang and a hangover and I have no doubt, most got their wish.
Sunday 3rd - Below Left - Happy Birthday to Ariadne, also known as Number One, as she turns 5. Ariadne is just one of the kids that make up Ithakis Pre-School. With the population of children growing on the island, we may again see the schools of Kioni, Frikes and Platrithia re-open after many years of having their doors closed due to the lack of this younger generation. For now Frikes has opened to accommodate the Pre-Schoolers.
Right - Andreas Anagnostatos, Ithaki correspondent for the Ithacan Philanthropic Society of Melbourne Australia, wishes all a very happy New Year. It doesn't matter what the weather, you will always see Andreas walking the roads of the northern island between Platrithia and Stavros as he gets his daily excercise with a smile and a wave for everyone..
The winds over the past couple of days have been sounding quite ferocious, but apart from a tree coming down here and there and the tide swelling to cover some sections of Ithakis bay side, the howling and speed were just a bellowing roar without a bite. A community sigh of relief when the power didn't go out. Wow! That is something. The temperature has dropped quite significantly however. Hats, scarves and coats all round. It is the chilly season now for sure.
Above - Kioni Bayside after the tide receded. Apparently there is a phenomenon on some of the islands that when a full moon and north wind collide, an unusual tide rises to partially flood some of the port towns around the Ionian. With fierce winds battering the island over the past couple of days, joined with the full moon of New Years Day, this rising tide had some of Kioni and Vathy under water.
Tuesday 5th - Below Left - View to Cephalonia across the Strait from beneath the village of Lefki. When the sun filters through the clouds here, the scene can feel quite biblical. There is a magic that goes on in and around this area of Ithaki. The view is never the same. A constantly changing scene.
Winter time on Ithaca 2010
Right - This poor snow man soldiers on even with his obvious handicap.
Life on Ithaki has slowed right down to a comfortable crawl. Not much happening in the streets (or off). A bit of shopping, a little banking, a job or two accompanied by a coffee at the local Kafenion. Easy going with little stress at this time of year. Below Left - Vathy. Below Right - Stavros main street.
Above Left - The quaint little chapel at Ag. Ioannis which overlooks the Strait between Ithaki and Kefalonia. Above Right - Stavros' local pharmacy. Andronikos helps the community overcome sniffle and sneeze with a whole lot of good advice and an always helping hand to whoever needs it. Left - Costa is one of Stavros' local butchers. His quaint shop happily holds on to the traditions of old, at least in appearance. Everyone knows him and he knows just about everyone too. Tonight it's chicken :)
  Epiphany in Frikes Wednesday 6th January 2010
Wednesday 6th - Another year passed and here we are again at Epiphany. The traditional Greek celebration of diving for the cross.
Click here or on Photograph right for more pics of Epiphany 2010 in Frikes
Friday 8th - A rough and windy day today. It's not too cold, but the wind is really whipping up the seas and howling across the island, making everything shake and rattle.
Tomorrow night at the Stavros Community Hall, Dennis Sikiotis is presenting a book he has published. Speakers include Alexandros Taflambas. Time - 6pm. Unfortunately don't have any details, but will find out tomorrow and let you know.
Below Left - Out with the old - In with the new.. The Vathy Cinema is being reburbished. The interior has been completely gutted to reveal a new cinema viewing experience for the locals. Opening is on March 5th. Below Right - New paving for Vathy back streets.
Epiphany in Frikes ithaca Greece Island in the Ionian - 2010 Winter on Ithaca
With some of the heavy snowfalls and wild weather in other parts of Europe, Ithaki isn't faring too badly with a little wind, well, alot of wind. We can't complain. We have electricity.
Bottom Left - Karamela Cafe keeping the patrons inside at this time of year. Bottom Right - Dimitri from Laertes Farm in Stavros, keeps the vegies and fruit coming.
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