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Monday 12th - 5 days until the Exoghi Panighiri, but until then let's enjoy our Ithaki Summer days and nights. Last night Spain won the final of the World Cup and although there were more Netherlands supporters around than Spain supporters, the night exploded with revelations when the goal was kicked in overtime to make Spain the 2010 champions. Below - Exoghi views.
Stavros may not be a seaside village, but it is the hub of the northern island none the less. With Polis Beach just below, it's the ideal stopping place after a swim to one of the Cafe Bars or restaurants for refreshments. Sunset Cafe has a view over Polis, while Margarita Cafe offers up one of the best spinach pies on the island. Below Left - Makis from Margarita Cafe in Stavros behind the counter. Below Right - This is the time of the year for Ithaki children to return back to their roots. The Sikiotis family from Newcastle (and Stavros) enjoy the experience.
Wherever there was a tv, you can bet there was someone watching it last night. Above & Left - At Fiorendino Bar in Frikes, the viewers spilled out into the street.
Tuesday 13th - It's beach weather from now on in. Blue skies and warming up seas, sitting under a shady tree on one of Ithaki's beaches.
Above Left - Spavento Bar in Kioni serves up the best at cocktail hour. Left & Above Right - Piso Aetos in the afternoon. Ready for ferry number 1 to Astakos everyone?
Thursday 15th - Below - Climbing up to the Mill in Frikes affords expansive views across the bay.
Left - Exoghi has decided that bright orange luminescent rubber poles, drilled deep into the concrete, are the best way to keep tourists from going over the edge. It's a shame that this beautiful traditional village couldn't have thought of a barrier that would be in line with its surroundings. I personally would have mortared a stone wall for no money if it meant that these 'eyesores' wouldn't have been put up. By the way, the gaps inbetween the poles are plenty wide enough to fit a rental car through.
Friday 16th - A very warm day yesterday with the hot temperatures continuing today. At times it was quite oppressive with the warm southerly breeze that barely did anything to refresh. The hottest spots were of course Vathi and Kioni, but even Frikes struggled with the heat yesterday.
Seems like the luminescent orange thingies are turning up all over the island. Does someone here have the distribution rights maybe?
Only one more day until the Exoghi Panighiri. The village community has been busy getting the church square ready for business. There was talk that the bar may be moved to another position this year, but with the increasing traffic, it may be that the bar will need to stay where it has always been. Below Left - Vathi Bay views.
Saturday 17th - Ag. Marina Panighiri in Exoghi tonight. With the heatwave temperatures over the past few days, it will be a hot one again this year in this traditional mountain village in the north of the island. Below - Gypsies come down to Polis Beach to shower off their day, clothes, platform shoes and all.
Left - This lovely looking vessel ferries people from Polis bay to Fiscardo, among other small ports around the area. It's a great way to travel, but with the hot temperatures yesterday, it's a wonder anyone could stay out of the water. Including me. ShOCK Horror. Yes, I went for a swim. Those who know me will be noting this day in their diaries.
Above Left - That's me folks having my first swim since 2005. Above Right - Lucky and Taki take care of Polis beach goers with umbrellas, sunbeds and boats. Below Left - Aleko is one of Ithaki's council workers. He's been putting soil on the Tip fire which is still smoldering and smoking after all these days. Below Right - Maria Kapote takes a coffee break. Swimming and laying around the beach is tiring work.
Above - Wasps can be a pest during Summer. They love just about everything, including water, so when drying yourselves after a swim, just take a little look around yourselves to make sure one of these blighters doesn't get caught up somewhere in your clothes or towels. If you do get stung - garlic, vinegar and fig leaf make natural remedies.

Left - Mr. & Mrs Polis Beach, Lucky and Maria wrestle a lazy day out of their bones.

Polis Bay Ithaki in summer 2010

Left - Alfonso and Maria are here on their honeymoon and sailed into Frikes from Majorca, Spain. They are sailing around the Ionian with Juan, one of Ithaki's summer regulars. Tomorrow they head across to Fiscardo on Cephalonia.
See you tonight at the Exoghi panighiri. Please don't be shy to call me over if you want a photo. I don't always see too well.
Aghia Marina Panighiri
Exoghi Panighiri 17th July 2010
Sunday 18th - A record number of people attended the Exoghi Panighiri this year. The new parking area was filled to the brim which meant the narrow road into the village had also been taken up with bumper to bumper cars. The PA suffered a breakdown, but the band continued despite the sound difficulties and the very warm temperature had everyone drinking into the dawn. Another successful Exoghi Panighiri. For all the pics of the Exoghi Panighiri CLICK HERE or on photograph Left.
Tuesday 20th - The heatwave temperatures continue. It will be good for the Kioni Panighiri, but not so good to sleep without air-con. One of the worst jobs in this weather must be the grillmen at restaurants.
Above - Some creative parking for the Exoghi Panighiri yesterday.
More and more people are now coming to Ithaca for their summer holidays, still on the weekends, the north of the island at least, still feels quieter than other years. Yachts and Day Trippers seem to bringing in the most holiday traffic.
Wednesday 21st - Another scorching hot day today, very still, very sticky. Below - Kioni Bayside.
As summer heads into August, parts of the island are drying up and turning brown.
Left - Taxiarchis Church in Platrithia. Above - Ferry to Lefkada from Frikes. Below Left - Margarita Cafe in Stavros. Below - Afales
Left - Passengers from a bus tour take turns in posing for a quick pic infront of Odysseas Bust in Stavros. Above - Sunset Cafe in Stavros with a view to Polis Beach below.
Above Left - Peter (aka Poutana) is here from Melbourne Australia. He's a well known face in the north of the island through the various bars he ran in his time here on Ithaca. Peter is proud of his mullet and so he should be, it's become his signature look over the many, many years he has had on the island on and off. Above Right - Illias is a well known Lefki local these days.

21st July - A camera melt-down halted the Panighiri for me, but I took a couple of shots before it did. Click Here or on photo Above Right. Above Left - Angela and Illias ready to enjoy the Kioni Panighiri.

Outdoor cinema at Filiatro Beach outside of Vathy. Forkinas invites you to see movies under the stars.
21 July -Paradise Cinema
22 July - Amelie
18 August - High Heels
19 August - Rock n Rolla
Starts 21.30

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