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Thursday 17th Continued - There is nothing better than being around one of Ithakis bay side villages to cool yourself down after a hot day. With this weeks' heat wave, we're all in need of some cooling.

Below Left - It's good to see the gift shops opening their doors again. Antikeimeno Julia in Frikes is very worthwhile having a look in. Her jewelry and summer clothes line are my first stop when the Season starts. Below Right - Maria from Laertes Fruit and Vegie Mart in Stavros (Melbourne Australia, Vathy, Polis & Exoghi) puts on an understanding smile while her 'Lucky' lucky man watches the Game on Fiorendino Bars' WIDE screen TV.
By 10.30pm dinner around the bay side is finishing up and then for those who want to continue on, it's time to head to the bars. Right & Below - Calypso Restaurant with one the visitors' favourite waiters, Niko.
Friday 18th - The past couple of days, Ithaki is looking just how it should in summer. The warm nights are bringing most out of their houses, apartments and hotels, to enjoy the cooling breezes near the seaside. Below - Tehnima jewelry is located in the oldest building in Kioni. Even if you're not interested in gold or silver, having a look inside this building is quite something.
Above - Artist, Dolores St. Paul, Juan and Miriam are here from Spain. Juan has often graced the pages of ithacagreece.com, but usually when sailing into Frikes. Last night we caught up with him and his yachting guests in Kioni where he was getting ready for a long and happy night.
Above - Amfitriti Gift shop in Kioni. Christina prepares to close up shop after another busy night. Left - Fotis, Demetri and Yianni sharing a little politics and a few jokes. Yianni (far right) is one of the new waiters at Avra Restaurant and Taverna on Kioni Bay. He comes to Ithaca throughout the year from his primary home in Patras, but he also quite likes Australia, where he spent quite some time as a child while his parents were located there. Fotis (far left) is also a Patras boy, but comes to Kioni most summers, where he picks up work here and there while still getting in a great holiday.
Below - Avra Restaurant is still pumping at almost 11pm. Since the closing last year of Oasis Restaurant, Avra has now picked up the Flotilla clients that Oasis had, making Avra quite happy during this crisis year.
It seems all the restaurants in Kioni are doing quite well despite the economic downturn. There are plenty of happy faces which don't read disaster even though there are some potentially rough economic times ahead for all of Greece, not just Ithaca. Compared to other parts of Greece, Ithaca is holding its own very well.
Saturday 19th - The heatwave continues until Monday at which time the Weather forecast predicts a cooler change with the possibility of rain in the north. Right - The summer mist cloud rolls over Exoghi. This is a common scene in summer. This cloud is all hot air, no rain. Below - The best place to be is in the water with high temps such as those Ithaca is sweltering under. The good thing is that around the baysides and the beaches, there is always a cool refreshing breeze.
Sunday 20th - A fresher change in the weather started late afternoon yesterday and continued through today. I welcome relief from the high 30s we've been sweltering under the past week. Vathy was a busy hub yesterday. Early evening began to bring people into the streets where they seek out where they would have dinner. Below - Sirens Restaurant is not only one of the best looking restaurants on the island, but also has a great reputation for its traditional fare. Inside Sirens you can see a hall of sea-faring memorabilia which has been of great interest to many visitors to the island.
Seems like Weddings are all the go on Ithaki. Many planned for this year. People take joy in taking their vows in one of the quaint churches around the island, taking a boat to Lazareto is a special favorite. Last night in Vathy, crowds gathered for just such an occasion. Not only do people want to get married in the south of the island, but there are also plenty of weddings in the north.
Ithaca Greece Summer 2010
Left - Dancing lessons while you wait for the bill? Below - Worry beads. Greeces's most reliable way to quit worrying and relieve stress.
How can you resist the great bayside views of Ithakis capital town, Vathy. At sunset, the colours blanket the bay in golden sheens.
If the bustle of the 'Town Square' side of Vathy is too much for you, then across the bay on the other side where Mylos Creperie and Soulatso Cafe and Music Bar reside, you can escape the masses, but only until the sun goes then, then this side takes over the nightlife with music and dancing.
Vathy, lit under a half moon. Gypsies selling garlic off their pick-up, friends having a drink in the village square and locals taking an early evening stroll along the promenade. A typical Summer evening atmosphere.
Above - Zois Grill. Not all the best restaurants are on the bayside of Vathy, you can find many great spots to eat in the back streets too such as Sirens and Drosia toward Filiatro, but if the bay area is what attracts you then zois is great for Grill and Porto Restaurant has also gained a great reputation since it opened a few years ago.
There's only 1 person on the island that wears shoes such as above. If you can guess, then you get a free cup of coffee at his Cafe Bar. (hint hint)
Above Left - Rien Post from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes finishes a long shift behind the Grill. Looks like he's made of the right stuff to last all these years behind the blistering temperatures it takes to make your souvlaki. Above Right - Makis Andrianatos, Ithakis resident 'squeeze box' player leaves his home village of Stavros to enjoy a little cool in Frikes.
Left - Kioni Bayside this morning, looking as picturesque as ever, especially so under the crisp sky the cooler change has allowed us.
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