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Wednesday 3rd - The past few days the weather has been glorious. Lots of sunshine, lasting almost all day. It feels like Spring and is beginning to look like it too. Birds chirping in the trees, bees buzzing in the grass.

Left - The grassy view from the Look Out over Polis Beach just outside of Stavros in the north of Ithaca.

Below Left - Vathys archeological discovery will disappear under a building. The plot will be developed. That's a shame. Ah, but for progress. Below Right - although it wasn't too windy, the water was a little rough in Vathy's bay yesterday morning. Still, the blue sky made up for it.

Stavros Winter Views
Thursday 4th - There's alot more activity in the towns and on the roads this past week. Seems Spring fever has people coming out of hibernation to enjoy the milder weather.
Left - Lahos local, Dimosthenis, herding his sheep around the greener pastures. Above - The church domes of Ag. Marina church in Exoghi. Although a little overcast yesterday, the views weren't too bad at all.
Above - Parts of Frikes bayside covered in rubble brought up by the sea.
Above - Nektarios from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes is in the midst of preparing his business after a winter sojourn. He explains the steps leading to nowhere but trouble have finally come down. Some of you may know that the Rementzo building is pre-53 earthquake, well, what's left of it is. It was a 2 storey building once upon a time and the steps were a remnant of this time. They had no purpose other than to endanger anyone passing under them. Right - Very happy pussies from Exoghi.
As we approach April, we'll see more and more of the business locals doing up their shops and restaurants, getting them ready for another Season. Before too long the island will be buzzing again and Winter will be just a wet memory.
Friday 5th - There 's a big cold front coming down from the north and a warmth coming up from the south, splitting Greece in 2 in regard to the weather. Ithaca lays somewhere in between, giving us some unsettled skies, but nothing too drastic. With 'naughty' Greece being on everyone's lips, the locals aren't paying too much attention to the weather, but how the dramatically raised taxes will see them through the year on one of the lowest wages in the EU. Let's hope that while the Greek government proves itself to the EU to be more competent financially, it doesn't prove itself to be neglectful of its own people. Knee-jerking is bound to hurt someone. Below - View over Platrithia and Afales bay from Exoghi.
Above - The peaceful views from Kalamos over Afales bay toward Marmakas and Lefkada. It's a shame a good view can't increase the value of the euro. If it could, Greece would have the payload. On Ithaca there's always somewhere to cast your eye to give it pleasure..
Saturday 6th - Another chilly and cloudy day today except for around 10 minutes when the sky turned bright blue before disappearing behind heavy clouds again. In Kioni there'll be a new man in town this coming Summer. Oasis Restaurant is no longer, but don't despair, by all accounts, the new restaurant that will take its place should satisfy all Kioni lovers. Through the winter, the new owner is completely refurbishing the interior with brand new equipment and shiney new loos. The new owner, who is from Vathy, is no stranger to the business, having a very popular Cafe Bar on the bayside of our capital for many years. With only a month or so to Easter and then not long to the start of the Season, the island will begin to transform again.
Left - site statics for 2009. Yes, the hits say 8,100,416. 8 million reasons to be a part of That such a little island can be of interest to so many people is quite wonderful. Since the 1st January I have been working 16 - 18 hours per day on giving the site a big Spring Clean. When I first started the site in 2003, I used a web editing tool that hasn't kept up too well with modern browsers, making some pages skewed and out of whack, so I've been going through it to upgrade those pages while giving the site a new look. It seemed the more I did to the site, the more there seemed to do, but I think now, it's done. If I've missed anytihng, you can let me know, but if there is a little skewing or overlapping on a page here and there, Internet Explorer, which has Compatibility View will set it right. This feature allows for older version webpages to be seen the way they were intended. Meanwhile, some of our Sponsors have new look pages and all have been improved in regard to format. I hope you'll all continue to enjoy the site which has grown from a little hobby project of a few nice pics of Ithaki to one of the biggest websites on one of the smallest islands in Greece. There really is blood, sweat, tears and alot of LOVE in it.
Our mountain villages appeared quite eerie under the fog today. The roads leading to them were very slippery, and with only a few meters visibility, those travelling them, were driving carefully slow.
Sunday 7th - Suddenly we are thrown back into the depth of winter today. Rain all day, cold and grey. If it doesn't snow overnight, it will be very surprising. Exoghi (left) and Anoghi (below) were both steeped in heavy fog and very low cloud. In Anoghi visibility was very poor.
Tomorrow the forecast is for snow in many parts of Greece with some storm warnings. So much for our Spring hopes. A good day to be infront of a roaring fire.
This morning (Greek time) Server suffered some downtime. I apologize for any inconvenience, but unfortunately Server outages are beyond my control. Everything is back online and working, but downtime can occur from time to time. (hopefully not too many times)

Winter On Ithaca

March 2010

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