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Saturday 20th - What a great weather day yesterday. It was just what the doctor ordered. Lots of warm sunshine and endless blue sky. The weather brought life into the village Squares, something that has been noticeably missing over these winter months. Locals fishing off the piers is one of the first signs of Spring opening up our days for more outdoor activities. For the first time in months, the coats and scarfs came off and peoples faces opened up to let the sunshine in.
News is that if we're lucky, we may get an Easter performance of The Dining Room. We'll know more next week when a vote will decide yes or no.
Below Left - Jenny from Spavento Bar in Kioni heads south to Vathy.
Right - Stathi from Penelope Restaurant with friend.
Above Left - Omiros2 - If you look him up on Youtube, you'll see some very creative video art. Kalitexnis (Artist). Above Right - Paving around Vathy central continues. Below - Viki and Nikos from Mylos Creperie go for coffee on the other side of the bay.
At this time of year, it's easy to tell the visitors from the locals, especially those from Australia who glow with a summer colour that has long faded on the faces of Ithacans...although if the weather continues as it was yesterday and today, then we will all soon have that healthy summer life back in our faces.
Sunday 21st - Another great weather day yesterday. The water was calm and through the lens at least, seemed ideal for a little swim. After so much rain this past winter, we'll soon be living in jungles. We expect the grass to grow around our ears before Spring is over. Until then, the island will be in full bloom. Below Left - Ithakis northern pride, Kioni. Kioni bay is the bay that many Flotillas and private yachts sail into through the Season. Kioni always makes an impression on the visitor to Ithaca.
The rain isn't quite over for us here. The weather forecast reports more rain on the way by Monday/Tuesday, but the temperatures are rising and the sun rays are defintely warming us all up inside and out for now. Below - Platrithias with its traditional villages.
Monday 22nd - 22 degrees C yesterday in the lowlands of Ithaki, but in the mountain villages of Anoghi (below) and Exoghi, it was still quite chilly. The whole island is in bloom and looking very beautiful irregardless of the colour of the sky.
One village which is looking stunning at this time of year is Exoghi. Not only are the views amazing, but with all the wild flowers blooming along the stone paths throughout the village, walking through the village is like walking through 'wonderland'. I see it every year and every year I'm still impressed by the colourful display of our islands' nature.

Sahara dust is coming our way today, so reports the forecast, but I think it was already in the sky late yesterday. The horizon seemed a little murky at dusk. It could also be all the burning off happening around the island at this time of year. Just when you think it's safe to open the windows again...

Tuesday 23rd - A NOTE FROM ARGOS FOUNDATION: Argos, the animal charity here on Ithaca, together with Greek Cats, successfully completed another four day programme of neutering|sterilization recently.
Over a four day period which commenced on February 28th, the vet, Enya (a UK vet originally from Germany) who was assisted by the usual willing band of volunteers from Argos, dealt with over forty cat operations and fifteen examinations.
Female cats can produce between two to five kittens per litter twice per year and male cats are active throughout that period.  The Argos strategy is essential in controlling the population of cats on the island.  It also ensure that greater numbers of wild or stray cats are now fit and healthy.
During the vets time on Ithaca, she also examined a number of cats and dogs belonging to islanders. This animal check-up is a good way of determining a pets' health status and the consultation costs only 10 euro, a much less expensive alternative to the round trip to the local vets on Kefalonia.
Argos is a registered charity, and run entirely by volunteers. Since its inception in 2007, the foundation has dealt with over 700 animals and has made a significant contribution to the health and welfare of the islands' stray cat population.
Although the visiting vets offer their time free of charge, Argos Foundation funds their travel expenses, accommodation and all other overheads associated with the veterinary clinic during the visit. Argos constantly needs help and support, both financial and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation please contact Argos via this website, or if you are visiting Ithaca, look for an official green collection box around the islands' main villages and in the capital of Vathy of course.

Right - A birdseye view down onto Dexa beach in the south of Ithaki. The green of the grass and blue of the sea go very well together. Looks good enough to swim.
Spring Time on Ithaca Island Greece
Left - Mark, an Argos Foundation volunteer, takes on the role of publicist for the foundation. Below - Frikes Bay-side.
Left - Mylos Creperie has got out the brushes and paint and by next week, the Creperie will have a new look interior. Many businesses around the island are sprucing up their premises during this time of year, getting ready for the Season ahead. First however, there's Independence Day for the Ionian, which is celebrated with parades on the 25th March.
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