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Independence Day Parade on Ithaca Greece. Island Traditions on Ithaki. March 25th 2010 in Stavros
Thursday 25th - Independence Day Parades today. Click Here for Stavros or Click on photo Left and Below Right for more.
It was a nice surprise to wake up to sunshine this morning after a couple of very miserable days. Over the past 2 days, the sky had come to earth, well to Ithakis earth, and with no breeze to move it back up to where it belonged, made for a damp and dank couple of days. Everything was wet either from the damp or the fine drizzle. By this afternoon, the sky was again hanging low over Exoghi, concealing it behind a big grey puff, but from here on in, the weather will begin to get better and better so there's no need to worry. The Season is opening up and we'll have lots of sunny blue-sky days ahead.
Friday 26th - Gorgeous Day!!!! today. Spring is in full swing.
Vathy Independence Day Parade. Ithaca Greece March 2010 - Spring time parades on Ithaki island.
Above - Just outside of Stavros - Wild pear trees are in full bloom at the moment, making the island look like a fairytale land to say the least.
Only a few more days of March remain and then Easter (next week) breaks the Lent-long Fast with feasts that could (if you were here) make your mouths water. From here on in, the island will be visited upon again. There are already a couple of yachts sailing into the harbors of our island, and although it seems a little early this year, luckily for the sailing crews, the weather is just perfect. For Easter, locals living away from the island, will return to celebrate this BIG holiday with their families, so there'll be lots to take pics of again as the Season progresses.
For great sea and Kefalonia views, and slopes covered in wild flowers, you can't go past the village of Lefki in the middle of Ithaca. The white-washed village is made even more beautiful by the colorful flora sprouting from soil and from under rock. Spring makes even the ruins look good.
Sunday 28th - Another great day yesterday. In the morning there was low cloud hanging over Exoghi, but it cleared by midday for good views.
It's the type of weather that makes you want to be outside enjoying the Spring air, sun and good mood that is spreading across the island. Happiness all around. Where do you want to be today?
Ithaca Greece Spring Time
Today there is some rain forecast in the north of Greece, but hopefully it won't reach here, although we will have a little wind, around 6 force. Nothing too bad. We could actually use a little wind to blow away the mist and low cloud that's been hovering over the island the past week.
With all the feverish talk of the Greek Economic crisis in all the various media around the world, the talk on Ithaca is about the coming Tourist Season, the grape harvest and the fishing, and it's all good.
Monday 29th - As we start off Greeces' big Easter Week, we see more and more people coming to Ithaca. Now that Daylight Savings is also in play, our days will be longer and we'll be looking for entertainment, so it's nice to know we'll have company.
During the Season I often get asked where the Public phones are. Well, there are a few here and there scattered around the island, but Margarita Cafe in Stavros has one that you can't miss. Bright blue and yellow signals "Phone Here".
Yesterday the sun was out, but with the wind, the temperature was quite cool, too cool to be sitting in the shade, so Sunday morning coffee was taken inside out of the cold.
Below Left - There's a painting in my rear vision mirror. That's what I love about Ithaki, there's a good view wherever you cast your eye. Below Right - It's ice-cream season again. Maria from Margarita Cafe scoops it up for all the kids at heart.
Tuesday 30th - Ithaki is definitely getting busier and more populated during this week approaching Easter. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing (a little too loud for me who is allergic, but still...a nice Spring sound)
Above - Ithacas working its way up to the future with some excellent accommodation available for those looking for their holiday rental. Above - Left - Vasilis, from Pilikata villas gets ready for the upcoming season. Above Right - Riggos, a well known northern Ithacan local and taxi driver. With more people coming to the island daily, the increased traffic is something that winter locals notice immediately. I know the stats say the average family consists of 2.5 kids, but I think they meant to say 2.5 cars. There are more cars parked in the streets than people it seems.
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