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At portside in Vathy, sidewalk works are continuing in the area of where the yachts dock. I'm sure it's not perfect timing for this beautification as the number of yachts that can moor there is limited for the time the 'works' continue. Below - You just can't go past the beauty of Ithakis capital, Vathy. The areas around the bay are picture post card perfect. It's really no wonder our little island is such a popular destination for the discerning traveler who wants a little more from their Greek holiday than a hotel complex where everything is 'In House'. On Ithaca you can get a real feel for the people and the traditions in a very short time. Locals are always willing to go that one step further to make the visitors holiday on Ithaca, a very special one. 3 Below - Dexa Beach.

Thursday 27th - It seems that everyone on the island is having the same conversation and asking the same question. What will this summer season bring in regard to tourism? I guess we'll all find out soon enough. Left - Vagelio is here from Patra to visit her daughter Poppy from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes. We caught up with her in Vathy over a cup of tea.

We had a great weather day yesterday with temperatures nudging the 30 C mark and more of the same expected today. Above and Left - On the far side of the bay in Vathy the views are often seen through an Australian Gum tree.
While it was quiet on the Kioni front in regard to Day Trippers, in Frikes, the Nidri Star delivered over 100 visitors for lunch to the village for lunch. Within minutes, the sleepy bayside village transformed into a throbbing hub of activity as visitors scrambled to find their favourite eating spot, buy a quick post card and have a quick dip off the pier. Below - Penelope's Stathis & daughter Maria with Fiorendino jester Pete
Left - Yesterday, German Vogue was seen all over the island with their cameras and model at hand. Before we caught up with them in Stavros, they had been to Kioni where they shot some fashion footage at Hamilton House. A traditional backdrop for a fashion spread. In Stavros, Sortiros church was the backdrop.
Right - The grapevines around Ithaki are looking very healthy. Looks like we may have a bumper harvest with more local wine to drink by the end of the year. Below - Lucky and Peter. Peter had told me what caption to add to this photo, but I have forgotten, so I'll make one up myself. 'Silence is GOLDEN!'
Right - Rien Post, Grill man at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes is not only good at basting and turning the souvlaki on the charcoal grill, but is also a whiz handyman. With Swallows nesting in a hole in the wall at the restaurant, a little pooper control was needed, thus Rien was called in to attach a pooper board under the nesting hole to keep the poop off the heads of patrons. What a good idea.
Saturday 29th - Left - Some exciting culinary news is that Drosia, the restaurant on the road to Filiatro Beach just outside of Vathy, has added Paella to the menu. You won't find this authentic dish anywhere else on the island, if not in the Ionian. So, now that Yiannis Politis is back from being at sea for around 2 years, Drosia is not only one of the best places for fresh and local meat and Greek dishes, but thanks to his Venezuelan wife, Indira, a selection of authentic Venezuelan dishes also, that have me very, very excited. If this doesn't excite your palate, then the very reasonable prices will. You may need to pre-book for the Paella. Give them a ring at lunchtime to have it ready for you in the evening or even better, drop by on your way to Filiatro beach, order and on your return have it for dinner. Perfect!
Saturday 29th - Below Ekaterini Vasilopoulou gets baptized in Stavros. Click here or on photo below for more pics.
Left and Above - More Vathy views. As we nudge towards June, there is a definite increase in the amount of visitors roaming the streets, especially in our Capital Vathy. Below - Jerome and Poppy don't usually come to Ithaki inbetween Easter and summer holidays, but they are here for the weekend for a Christening.
Baptism on Ithaca island. Church baptisms in Stavros. Rementzo Restaurant Frikes
A very hot day today. The thermometer hung around the mid 30s mark until quite late in the afternoon when the sea breezes cooled the day down. Below - On Frikes pier a mangled auto mess reminds us all that driving slowly and carefully not only saves you money, but saves lives as well.
Argos, Ithakis Cat foundation will finish off another round of neutering in Vathy tomorrow. The foundation is doing a worthwhile job keeping the stray cat population from increasing. A little education and a vet make quite a difference.
There may be another National Strike on this coming Monday, so be aware that your travel plans in Greece may be affected on that day.
Monday 31st - Right - Yesterday's sky was quite overcast, but the temperature was very, very warm. No rain in the sky, not even a hint, yet a full circle rainbow around the obscured sun. Quite strange. Below - Not much happening in Frikes last night except for watching the moths be attracted to the light. In June, Ithaca is sometimes a little overrun by these pests, but it doesn't last too long before the crickets eat them all and take over.
Right - Maria and father, Makis, Northern Ithakis favourite accordion player make a little family time in Frikes last night. If you attend the Summer festivals, Maki will be immediately recognizable as the lovable musician in the Festival Band. What few people know is that he is also a whiz with the sewing machine. His father was a taylor and past on some nifty tricks, so nifty that his daughter Maria wouldn't go to anyone else to have her clothes altered.
Another National strike today played havoc with travel plans. A European Tour Operator located on Ithaca and Greece generally, had to bring on changeover day a day earlier so that its customers would not be stuck in Greece for an extra day. If you're going to be stuck however, Ithaki is a pretty good place to be stuck. With tourism as Greece's main income, the strikes may be a little self defeating. It's worth noting that with all the bad publicity Greece has, people coming to Ithaca, are very surprised at how safe and seemingly unaffected we are here. Life goes on.
It's been a few years since Anastasia and Spiros have been back to Ithaki. Their presence will no doubt liven up the sleepy village of Lahos in the north of the island.
There are so few places in the world where life does not impact adversely on your children in regard to their physical safety, where there is little to no crime and where community counts for something more than the ching of a cash register. Ithaca is one of those places. On a personal note - I think it's a shame that the economic crisis 'Greek Style' will only now be knocked from its 'most important' status with the current events regarding Israel. Life does go on - tragic headline to tragic headline. Above - Vathy Bay with the Kefalonia ferry not going anywhere on this day of National Strike.
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