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Although many of the businesses in Vathy remain open and working during the winter, restaurants with bayside seating are beginning to pack up for another season while everyone heads indoors.
Friday 12th - Looks like another (mostly) blue sky day with a forecast of the same over the next few days. It's a little windy, chopping up Vathy Bay, but when the sun shines, it's warm and wonderful.
Left - The terraced hillsides of the Pilikata region just outside of Stavros in the north of Ithaki.
Final elections are coming up this Sunday. This means a new Mayor for the island. What a new Mayor means is anyones' guess.
Below Left - Taking the high road isn't always easy, especially if it means the 'high' road to Marmaka. It's quite a climb from the bottom of the mountain at Afales to the top where the windmills herald success. Still while the weather is fine, it's a good way to excercise. I'll do it tomorrow...maybe.
Monday 15th - While there was rain forecast all over Greece, Ithaki was spared another downpour, and enjoyed blue sky days instead. Excellent weather for this time of year. It gets a little chilly at night, but during the day the warmth is wonderful. No heating required.
With the 2nd round of voting yesterday, it became very clear that Mr. Kassianos may be Ithakis next Mayor. He didn't fare so well in the first round, but the second shot him into the lead. The difference between second runner Mr. Livitsanis isn't great, but enough to make the ultimate difference in who carries the name Dimarxos. For all the results nationally you can go to Do a Google translate if Greek isn't your language. The results haven't been updated on the site since last night so things have changed... or not.
and the winner is?
Thursday 18th - Ithaca is in shock this week over the passing of Gerry Karavias. Gerry from Ithaki Photo Shop has been the photographic eye over Ithaki for many, many years. He was much loved and will be greatly missed. Our sympathies go to all his family and friends.
One of the good things about rain is that it really clears the atmosphere and gives us great views around the island and to Lefkada and Cephalonia. It also does alot to 'green up' what the summer heat browned over the past few months.
Ithaca's strict building code keeps areas such as Kathisma below, untouched and pristine.
The weather has been fairly mixed these past few days. Stormy weather mixed with plenty of sunshine and blue sky.
Above - There's alot of burning off going on around the island now. Yesterday, Lahos was almost completely hidden under smoke. Left & Below - The mountain road leading from Afales toward Marmaka is an excellent way to get some excercise and to take in some stunning views over the northern island.
With stomrs overnight, there is more rain expected today, but the sun isn't quitting. Plenty of breaks.
Saturday 20th - After more rain last night, the day seems to be clearing to show more blue sky. It's the time of year, some locals head elsewhere, either for a holiday trip or to the big cities. Ithaca can give you a little cabin fever if you don't get off occasionally. Right - Costa the taxi driver still doing his rounds to the ferry stops. Below Left & Below Right - Ester, Ithaca walking guide and Rien, ex-award winning video editor and now grill man extraordinaire, leave Stavros and head to the Netherlands from where they relocated a few years back. Although they consider Ithaki their home, t's always nice to go back to see family and friends.
Sunday 21st - Winter means kids birthday parties. With Ithakis baby boom over the past few years, there seems to be a party every week. Happy Birthday to Ariadne and Ekaterini Vasilopoulos who celebrated their birthdays yesterday in a combined party.

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Ithaca is lucky enough to have regular and reliable ferry services more than twice per day. We need to thank Cephalonia for that. It's Ithakis big cousin and nearby neighbour that makes it financially viable for the ferry companies to include Ithaki in its schedule. We not only have the BIG ferry 'The Kefalonia' which does Patra - Ceph - Ithaki, but also the Ionian Pelagos from Astakos on the mainland. Some islands may see a ferry once a week even in the summer, but we have all year round service. Below - Piso Aetos port.
News is that Ithakis new Mayor, Mr. I. Kassianos (with a rather colourful history as printed in his campaign booklet) has taken his first month and a bit off, leaving Mr. Vasilopoulos at the helm a bit longer. The business of running Ithaki starts mid January.
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