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Tuesday 23rd - A miserable day today. High winds, grey skies and lots of rain. The forecast is for worse as the day continues. The winds are high enough to have stopped the ferry from leaving Ithaki this morning...Looks like winter has arrived. The chill begins.
Friday 26th - Can't believe it's already the end of November. Only a few days to go. This month we've had some great weather, but this last week, the temperatures have gone down and the rain has begun to fall steadily, as it should for this time of year. Luckily for us, the high winds didn't damage anything and the electricity stayed on. Phew!!
The island feels quite empty. Many locals have and are, taking off on their annual trips, but unfortunately for some, a week long ferry strike has made leaving the island a little difficult. The Kefalonia ferry has been docked at Vathy over this past week. Strike is presumed to last until Sunday, making it 8 days without ferry service. With no ferry service, there's no mail delivery, food delivery or petrol delivery. Let's hope everyone is stocked up.
Sunday 28th - Today it seemed there was finally a break in the bad weather. The skies appeared to be clearing in early morning, but as the hours progressed toward midday, dark clouds started to move across the island again. It may become, fine, then again, it may also rain again. There's not much to tell from around the island other than it's very, very quiet. The only bustle you'll find is in Vathy and even then, if you blink, you'll miss it. Ithaca begins to slowly go into its winter hibernation mode. Left - Meet the neighbours.
Monday 29th - The road from Stavros to Frikes looks like a major highway now that fat white lines mark the sides of the road.
Tuesday 30th - The end of another month is upon us. The sun is trying to come out early this morning, but who knows what the skies will hold as we head toward midday. The colour of our days have been mostly grey.
Seems the ferry strike has been extended another 48 hours, so the only way off the island is via the Astakos ferry. Why this ferry co isn't including itself in the strikes is unknown, but luckily for some locals it is still running. Its route may take people out of the way a little, but it's better than getting stuck on the island when there are places they need to be.
Vathys perimeter is extending into the hills that surround the bayside as more and more people return to the island each year, either for their holidays or to make a change in their lifestyles by settling back into a more traditional way.
December will see the Christmas decorations and lights come out again. The big plastic Santa in the village squares and the neon pyramid in Exoghi. Although New Years is traditionally more important on the Greek social calendar than Christmas, Ithacans have taken on the ritual with gusto.
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