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Sunday 12th - Yesterdays' rains were refreshing, but when you look at the blue skies again today, it seems that it never rained at all. Right - Now that the Season is winding down, restaurant staff say goodbye to their summer jobs. At Rementzo in Frikes you get an expensive last meal and have the owners serve you. Gerti savors a big fish.
Below - The rain didn't seem to put some people off going out for dinner and enjoying the bayside atmosphere, although serving food in the rain has some challenges. Luckily it wasn't cold as well. The weather is actually still very mild and from today, it's going up again.
Above - Raxi village is located on the hill before the road descends down to Kioni. It's still one of the most traditional villages in the north of Ithaca. Right - Another traditional village is Ag. Sarantas (40 Saints) on the long road between Frikes and Stavros. This village has wonderful views across Afales bay to Lefkada. The corner shop has been, and continues to be a tradition for the locals of the surrounding areas. It's also a place where people gather to catch up with eachother and learn the weeks' news. Below Left - The mountains of Anoghi. Many are surprised at just how different the area around Anoghi and Kathara are from the lowlands and the baysides. It's a baron and rocky landscape which is also quite inspiring in its own way. Anoghi has its local Cafenion in the center of the village, at which the inhabitants of this mountain village congregate at various times through the day.
Monday 13th - A great weather day yesterday. Rain at this time of year doesn't usually last very long, but it does help to clear up the atmosphere and make for great views. Although the island seems quiet, it's a good time for the locals to get out and about to enjoy what they have little time to appreciate during the middle of Season. Above Left - A patch of paradise on the outskirts of Stavros in the north of the island. Above - Fish jump out of the water in Kioni Bay. Left & Below - Viki and Niko from Mylos Creperie in Vathy enjoy lunch in Kioni.
Tuesday 14th - Another beautiful weather day today. Clear skies, calm seas and a pleasant forecast 26 C degrees (although I'm sure it was around 29 - 30). Left - Makis, Ithakis own accordian player takes a quick break in Frikes. Below - Easter, northern Ithakis Walking Guide, walks off a cold.
Right and Below - Modern boats in our bays make for quite a contrast to the little fishing boats, local to the island.
After the church service and ceremonies, the family and guests headed to Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia for the Baptismal party where the cake was a Pavlova. Yum!
Monday 20th - It's been awhile since we've done an 'Ithaca to' trip but that's what we've done over the past 3 days. A short a sweet stint away.
Friday 17th - Nick and Josephine from Melbourne Australia baptized their 2 children yesterday at Ag. Ioannis. Nick has his roots in the village where his father was also baptized.
Above - Maria and Lucky (godparents) played footsies after dinner and a few wines. Left - Perahori views. Below - View to Vathy Bay.
Click here for another Ithaca to Road trip - september 2010
To find out where went, you'll need to check back later. It wasn't too far, but very scenic.
Tuesday 21st - It took almost as long to make this ithaca special photo edition as it took to take the road trip, but finally all the pics are online. Click here on on photo left for all the stuff.
We had another great weather day today. Blue skies and warm temps all around. Tomorrow there is some rain forecast in the north of us, but here we're expecting 30 C with 5 force winds.
Thursday 23rd - If you have intention of coming to Ithaca on the weekend then you may be in for some rain if the forecasts are accurate. Rain all weekend. Yesterday and today however, the weather is great. Nothing to complain about at all, except that all our favourite products are beginning to run low with the transport strikes continuing. Supermarket shelves in some shops are looking a little depleted. Not all transport has screeched to a halt, but enough to reduce our choices. Below - Kioni Bay side, still looking picture perfect as we head into the last week of September.
For a crisis year, Ithaca hasn't been suffering that much by all accounts. Business owners seem to be happy with their Seasons' income and with the yachting companies booming and bringing in their catches to our bays, the supermarkets, restaurants and gift shops are still all open for business. Not just that, they're smiling too. Below - Ithaki textures.
Above - Kioni bay through the trees. Left - Exoghi. Below Left - 400 Nidri Star Daytrippers descend on Frikes
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