Ores Gallery and Theatre Opening Night - Vathy Ithaca Greece
Tuesday 2nd December 2008 ..

Dimitris Danis had been talking about Ores Gallery for months, and when it was time for the opening, he was brimming from ear to ear with pride and satisfaction and with good reason. The space is delightful, warm and welcoming and Dimitris stamp and flare are all over it. People came wondering in at around 6.30pm and continued to enjoy the space til quite late. Ores may be a little confusing to some, but the idea behind it will give many a great opportunity for performance and exhibition, but more than this, also a space to meet or conference. Locals and visitors will have an opportunity to use this space for a multitude of reasons.


For the Ores Opening Week, Dimitris Danis organized a Jean Cocteau exhibition with works displayed in the hallways of the Gallery. For the many Ithacan artists, Ores will provide a great opportunity to exihibit their works, and the theatre space is ideal for intimate musical and theatre performances. Ores Gallery is set up in such a way that everything has its place without being imposed on by the contrary. There are quiet spaces of contemplation, open areas and a courtyard that will in the future be a Cafe for the like minded to meet and discuss art and music.


To test the accoustics, we were treated to some 'live' guitar playing by a couple of the musically talented locals. It was easy to imagin the great performances that will take place at Ores Gallery in the future.

Ores Gallery is located directly behind the Council Office building in Vathy. Drop in and say hello, look at the exhibitions and spend some time enjoying the wonderful space of Ores Gallery. Dimitris Danis would like to give special thanks to Pat Kelly, Judith Levi and Saint Spirit for their help in getting Ores from plan to fruitiion.


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