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Wednesday 26th - Drizzly, but not too cold today. Yesterday however was unusually warm and a very eerie light fell over the Ithaca. The strange brownish mist along with the heat, most probably traveled up from the south.

Many of you know Vathy local Dimitris Danis (Spavento Bar, Chez Manu and now Porto Cafe) His entrepreneurial tendencies have been a little cuffed over the past couple of years, but that is about to change with the opening of his gallery "ORES" in Vathy on the 2nd December. He will be making the gallery available for exhibitions, musical events and of course his own theatrical productions. Ores is touted to be an intimate arena (seating around 40) with all the flare we expect from anything Mr. Danis presents. We'll be there opening night to take a closer look so stay tuned.

Made on ithaca - With the little special on the Frikes olive press featured on Page 3, it's worth adding that the Oil Press in Vathy also cold presses Ithakis olive oil, so organic cold pressed virgin is on many tables.

Thursday 27th - What's weird about the weather? Well, it's sunny and warm - a perfect Spring day. Only problem is it's winter. Where's the cold?

Not much happening on the island at the moment. Many people have left. It's very peaceful and intimate. A time of year you really get to know the people you inhabit the island with or get to visit the psyche of a recluse. For some it's too much, for others it's bliss. Schools and businesses are working on as usual. Some things never take a holiday on Ithaca (unless there's a strike, a power cut or public holiday). If you're on Ithaca or will be on Ithaca on the 2nd December, remember to go to ORES Gallery opening in Vathy. Time - 6pm onward. A very proud Dimitris Danis will be going all out as usual, so don't miss the rare opportunity of doing something that doesn't involve the Cafe Bar.
Saturday 29th - We're almost into December. How quickly time is passing. This morning half of Stavros was without power. Second weekend in a row. This time however, it wasn't due to some fault in Cephalonia, but to a burnt out component. The problem hasn't been fixed (Cephalonia probably wants to wait until the weekend is over) but it has been temporarily solved by directing the electricity from the street lights to the area of the village that has the problem. So tonight, it's black around this northern village with no street lights at all and only a few lights here and there radiating from the few houses that are inhabited at present. It's still early, but the first Christmas lights are also flashing across the valley. Below right - Homers School is now clearly visible from Platrithia Square. Before Ithaca went land clearing crazy, the school was hidden behind scrub and brush and could only be seen on site, but now it's a beacon calling out to all Homer fanatics. Below left - Dark skies over Mavrona Bay.
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