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The party was catered, so there was lots of food, and of course with mum Jenny and dad Yiorgos, owners of Spavento Bar, there was no shortage of beverages.
Sunday 26th - When Kioni lads ask for a photo, you know I'll come running. Left - Vasilis, Dionysis, Aggelos and Yiannis - enjoying a little quiet in the Kioni school courtyard with a glass of wine and some good parea (company). Inside the old school, the Spavento twins, Theofilos and Nikos, celebrated their 4th birthday. Nearly every child on the island was there with parent or grandparent in tow for one of the biggest parties we've been to in quite awhile. Lots of fun for the kids, lots of noise for the adults, no tears or accidents - phew! lucky, because the kids were running and playing wild and fearless.
Road Trip - From Ithaca to the Peleponnese 2008

On The Road. Ithaca to the Peleponnese.

It's been a couple of years since ithacagreece.com has been on a road trip around Greece, so it was about time to pump up the tyres, fill up the tank and head off somewhere interesting and beautiful. When you don't have alot of time, then the Peleponnese are a great place to see the variations in landscape, tradition, history and ancient sites, easily and quickly. Click here or on photo left for more pics from Ithaca to the Peleponnese.

Hronia Polla to all the Dimitris around the world who are celebrating their Greek Name Day. Seems like the sun isn't shining today for the this big Greek celebration where families will be getting together for a big lunch and a few glasses of local wine. Yes, today the weather is rather dreary and could even produce some rain.

I'll be at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes tonight to bid them farewell for the winter. It's the last night. Rementzo will open its doors again in April 2009, that's if Poppy and Nektarios recover sufficiently after the sleepless nights the new baby will bring. If you want to be on the internet, come along and I'll be happy to snap a pic of you. All you need to do is ask.

Monday 27th - The clocks went back on Saturday and daylight savings finished for another year. It's back to winter daylight, finishing around 6pm. Last night Rementzo had its last night and we caught up with a few people who call Ithaki their home. Left - Front - Sue and Mike from Kioni, Middle - Katrina and Allen from Lefki and back Mike and Trish from UK/Kioni having their Last Supper (at least at Rementzo for the this year) Above - Ester, Rien (stavros) and friend Augusta from the Netherlands. Below - Nektarios, owner of Rementzo, celebrates freedom from dishes and prepares for the sleepless nights ahead. We wish him and wife Poppy all the best with the birth of their new baby.
Ithaki woke to rain, but it wasn't too long before the sun was shining again and the day remained fine until sunset. What a great time to be on the island. Those lucky enough to be here, basically have it all to themselves, and with weather like this in October, who would complain.
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Oxi Day Parade in Vathy - 28th October 2008
This year for the Oxi Day Parade, it seemed there were more students marching than onlookers, but the parade had a nice atmosphere irregardless of the number divisions. A great weather morning also made the event very pleasant.
Thursday 30th - It's the end of another month, and hasn't it gone quickly. On Ithaca now, it's olive harvesting season, so the locals are out with their canvases, combs, picnic baskets and smiles, gathering up the fruit of their harvest.

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