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It's been a long hot Summer and although Summer means lots of good times, sun and sea, you can have too much of a good thing. It's been a Summer of relentless high temperatures on a daily basis. Frikes, traditionally the village one needs a jacket at night, had the night warmth, usually only experienced in Kioni and Vathy. Ithaca overted fires, even during windy, hot days, when the mercury hit 40C, but the island is showing the signs of this relentless heat with sunburnt groves from south to north. The earth is thirsty and cracking under foot, so the rain and the thunderstorms these past 2 days has come just in time to nourish us all with a refreshing downpour that has cleared the mist from the sky and lethargy from our bones. The weather isn't too great for the visitors or the restaurants however. After heavy downpours, restauranteurs and staff scuffle around making everything look ok again, even when drenched fabric dries quickly and Canopes protect most of the tables from the rain. The rain puddles into temporary streams on the road and visitors splash through them as they scatter for the nearest dry place to wait it out.
Above - Merope from Symposium Restaurant in Frikes is parading a big smile these days, now that she's aunty to her sister Olympias baby (no name as yet. Babies are traditionally named when they are baptized 1 year after their birth.)










The skies cleared yesterday, Thursday 18th, but there was a noticable drop in temperature with a chilly wind. With more threats of storms and wind as we head toward the weekend, visitors, especially from the Mainland, seem to have returned home, leaving the island much quieter than last week. The change of Season has been abrupt, but beautiful, with the views that we know and love on the island, again in view. It's not the end of Summer by any means though. Yachting flotillas will still be sailing into Ithakis ports until the end of October and the temps are predicted to go up again after this weekend.
Weather forecast over the next few days is that the temperature will drop down to around 23C. 7 force northerly winds are expected in the Ionian with generally high winds all over Greece tomorrow.
September sees changing skies as Ithaki gentle moves from Summer to Autumn
Question - If libel, slander and defamation cause a loss of business, is it considered a matter of civil or criminal law in Greece?
Saturday 20th - Right - It's a grey and cloudy day, but the colours of Kioni go quite a way to brighten things up on the island. Over the past few years, home owners make statements with the colours they paint their buildings, making Ithaki look quite different to the other blue and white islands around Greece. The Venetian architecture, which is traditional on Ithaki, also adds to the distinction between Ithaki and other islands. Below Left - Now and then the sun shines through the cloudy sky revealing the sea glistening below.

Monday 22nd - It seems that Summer has ended abruptly this year. No matter how positive the Weather Bureau makes the forecast, the reality is that it's chilly and the sky is threatening rain again and again. Locals seem to be winding down, including a Tour Bus driver from Cephalonia who informed his passengers they could not continue on to Kioni from Frikes due to a landslide caused by rain. This news could have upset all of us except that I had just come from Kioni and saw no sign of any landslide. Could it be that the bus driver just couldn't be bothered with the hassle of trying to navigate the narrow corners leading into Kioni?

Scordalia (Garlic potatoe mash) is one of the favourite dishes of most Greeks and many visitors to Greece. Above Left - Ariadne and Susanna prepare enough to feed an army in the Rementzo kitchen. Above Right - Looks like the bad skies are heading for the Mainland and leaving Ithaca alone for tomorrow.

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