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Sunday 3rd - Glorious day today. There was no where better to be than outside enjoying the sunshine. Tonight ithacagreece.com is off to the theatre to take pics of The 3 Sisters at the Cultural Center in Vathy. Local rave reviews thus far on Ithakis Theatre Group presentation this year. Can't wait. Right - The posters are out for Nylon Sex live performance at the Mylos Creperie in Vathy on the 8th April. We're so cool we need thermal underwear. It's all about having some fun so come along and join us.
ithaca theatre group forkys. ithaki greece 2011
Above - Stavros. Another fantastic blue sky day ahead. Warm with lots of sunshine to go through the day. From now on, the grey days will become less and less. Hopefully we'll still get a bit of rain before the summer dry sets in and our water cisterns empty out.
Wednesday 6th - The roadsides and fields are beginning to colour-up with wild flowers all over the island. It's a beautiful time of year on Ithaca. Below - Stavros.
Frikes is finally waking up again during the day. News is that Stathi (AKA as Steve) from Penelope Restaurant will not be coming to Frikes this summer. His business has been rented out, so there will be a new face in Frikes. The village will miss The Music Man. Rementzo Restaurant is now opening up during the day on the weekend and probably more as we get nearer to Easter. Summer times ahead. I had Falafal today. Yummmm!!
Saturday 2nd - It's Spring. The weather is milder, the colours are brighter and the golden sunsets are back. Left & Below - Lefki views. Lefki is well known for its sunsets and warm late afternoon sunshine.
Left & Above - Dusk in Vathy town. A golden light falls on the bay.
It's a farely concrete rumour that ADSL is coming in April. Ote confirms it, but I don't see any cyber speedway yet.
Tonight we head to Vathy for 'The 3 Sisters' play. Last night was opening night and by all reports, went magnificently.
Don't forget that on the 8th of April, it's 'live music' at Mylos Creperie with Nylon Sex. A 'covers' band that covers The Cure, Jimmy Hendrix, Green Day and U2 just to name a few. Members are Stavros Delaportas, Dimo Kostopoulos, Demetri Vlass, Erika Bach and Niko Karantzis.
Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes is open again in the evenings. If enough people go, maybe they'll open for lunch on the weekends too. There's nothing better than a lunchtime in Frikes with the Ionian blue on your side and good food on your plate.
Ithaki Theatre Group Forkys Present 'The 3 Sisters' adapted from Anton Chekov and Directed by Maria Katsandri
Monday 4th - Each year Forkys presents a play for the Ithacan Theatre Season. Over the past few years, the group has collected some fresh new (acting) blood and results have been surprising and inspiring. Each year the veterans and the newbies take their art to greater heights, tackling drama, comedy and satire with equal ease and enthusiasm. The 3 Sisters had the group dig deep into their psyches to pull out some hard emotions. For a pictorial view of the play CLICK HERE or on photograph left.
Tuesday 5th - Some unfortunately news for The 3 Sisters final performance last night. One of the major role actors became too ill to perform so the last show has been postponed until Wednesday 6th April. Below - Niko Karantzis from Mylos Creperie and guitarist/singer of Nylon Sex who will be performing at the Creperie this coming Friday. Below Left - For Jenny and George from Spavento Bar in Kioni, a night at the Theatre turned out to be a night listening to Nylon Sex rehearse and a snack at the Vathy Ouzerie.
Left - We've taken a few shots of the new Laertes Farm Fruit and Vegie market in Stavros, but each time, the owner, Dimitri, has been on the road delivering. This morning we got an opportunity to take a pic of Dimitri in the shop with the bonus son on hand helping out. Below - Dina, a happy Laertes customer.
Left - Sunset just outside of Stavros heading toward Lefki.
Thursday 7th - The 3 Sisters play at the cultural center has been postponed again. It may happen Saturday, but then again, it may not happen at all. Below - Stavros roadside.
Above - The Vathy Gallery is no more. It's been transformed into Council offices. Left - Vathy bayside.
Don't forget that tomorrow night at Mylos Creperie there's 'Live' music.
Saturday 9th - The weather has just been amazing. Feels like summer. Below - Vathy Bayside yesterday.
Nylon Sex played their debut gig at Mylos Creperie last night. Band Members are Niko Karantzis, Dimos Kostopoulos, Stavros Delaportas, Demetri Vlass & Erika Bach (MOI) See some of the pics by Clicking Here.
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