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Sunday 10th - Glorious weather, but forecasts predict increasing wind over the next couple of days. Below - Sunday morning usually means Spavento Bar in Kioni for the northerns. Croissant and espresso please! Costa from Avra Restaurant in Kioni tells me he'll be opening the doors to the restaurant for the Season next Wednesday, ready for the big Easter Week.
Above - Ingrid gives Yoga lessons in Lahos in the north of the island, to young and old, locals or visitors, and once a space has been organized, there'll be lessons in Vathy also. Left - Homers School.
Left - The rest of the island may be bathed in sunshine today, but in Exoghi, a small mountain village in the north of Ithaca, there is a low cloud passing over the village. It's not unusual that when the rest of the island is grey, a ray of sun shines on this village. Exoghi has stunning views across much of the northern island, also down to Afales bay and Marmaka peninsula, not to mention Lefkada, the island just north of us from which there is easy access onto the Mainland for those heading north. Below - It's wild flower time. Once you get into Exoghi, meter high folliage leads us through the village to the church. Very pretty, albeit the roadsides are buzzing with bees.
Left - As we get deeper and deeper into Spring, Afales Bay is looking more and more inviting. Soon we'll be dipping our toes into the blue Ionian.
Below - Afales Bay with a low cloud passing over Marmakas as seen from the road to Exoghi. Below Below - One of the most traditional little villages in the north of Ithaca, Ag. Sarantas (40 Saints). The village is made up of quaint houses built with traditional stone. A view of Afales bay is the backdrop for most of the residents of this area. The village boasts a small traditional church and a corner store that is the social hub for some of the older residents in this this village. Frikes is only a 10 minute walk and so is Afales beach.
Tuesday 12th - Another fine day ahead today. Above Left - Kyriakoula from Stavros, always has a smile for everyone. We caught up with her in Vathy where she works. Above Right - Zoe is back on Ithaki where she, along with her family, runs accommodation in Kolieri. Stylish accommodation for those who want to be around the historical site of Homers School, where archaeological finds have put Ithaki on the map.
Above - Aetos Views. Below - Sheep herding through the main road from Stavros to Frikes. Yesterday, the weather cooled again. No rain for Ithaki, but there is definitely a chill in the air and clouds gathering overhead.
Below - Another 'Ithaca To ...' trip in the bag. 3 days of Pics coming soon. Stay tuned.
Above - Stathi from the local laundry in Vathy, blows bubbles in the village Square.
Saturday 16th - Easter is quickly coming upon us. Everday the amount of people coming off the ferry increases. Looks like we'll be having a busy time this year.
Debates continue about the Kefalonia ferry no longer coming into Vathy on the evening run, but into Piso Aetos instead and then returning to Sami to spend the night. It's a fuel cost consideration on the ferry's end and on Ithakis end, it's a matter of taking business from our capital, Vathy. As it stands now, it's said that the new schedule may begin around May 18, but we'll keep you posted. Things can always change, or at least be postponed.
Ithaca to Mount Parnassos Greece travel. Ithaca Greece. 2011
Saturday 16th - ithacagreece.com was lucky enough to get away for a few days to take another 'Ithaca to' trip. This time we headed to Mount Parnassos area, taking the long route via Athens. We took in some wonderful views along the way. Come take the road trip along with us and enjoy the cyber ride. For all the pics CLICK HERE or on photograph above.
Today on Ithaca, it's been raining all day. Low cloud covering all the high ground leaving us with very little visibility and a reminder of a winter we almost had this year. These last rains will give Ithakis water cisterns a good boost before the dry spell that usually lasts until at least the end of September.
Above - Frikes bay is churning up and swelling over with the rough weather today. Right - Kioni isn't as bad, but it is grey and lonely looking.
Above - It may be time to activate the windscreen wipers! Right - Polis Bay waters are quite calm, but the fisherman are staying put today.
Sunday 17th - What a miserable weekend it's been. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain. If the rain isn't bad enough, it's also colder than winter. This week before Easter is when many come back to the island for the big FEAST. What we don't want is rain when we're BBQing. The weather should settle before the big day, but still, it would be nice to have a sunny week leading up to Easter weekend.
Above - Jennie from Spavento Bar in Kioni puts the coffee on for the Sunday morning rush.
Monday 18th - There may be more rain forecast for today and tomorrow, but this morning the sun was shining and all felt good with the world. As we head toward the close of the day, the clouds are beginning to gather over the island again so we may feel a few more drops later today.
The delay with ADSL for the north of Ithaki is due to the failure of a piece of machinery. The faulty machinery is to be replaced, but there is no definite time on it. Let's hope it's soon. The north of the island is disadvantaged by not having ADSL. Business which depends on their online presence, needs to work more efficiently and can't when it's only access is either by 'stick' or the simple telephone line. Much of Kioni will unfortunately be out of the ADSL loop due to its distance from the tower. Below - With recent findings, Homers School puts Ithaki on map.
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