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Anoghi Panighiri
Sunday 14th August 2011
Monday 15th - What an absolutely wild night last night in Anoghi. The weather was surprisingly mild (No coats required) and the atmosphere was electrically (and otherwise) charged. It was a HUGE night with enormous kefi and it went full steam ahead until the early hours of the morning. I don't think anyone had any complaints or doubts about the success of the Anoghi Panighiri.
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platrithia Panighiri. ithaca greece festival in summer. Ithaki holiday fun 2011
Above - Ag. Sarantas church and corner shop in the north of Ithaca Island. It's been quite hot again over the past few days and there has been no shortage of blue sky.
August - Friday 12th - A little cooler yesterday. the wind started up again in the afternoon, but the bursts were short lived, by night time, the wind had calmed down to a breeze.
Don't forget if you want to look ahead to what's happening around the island to visit the Events Calendar from the hOME ithaca greece menu. Sunday it's Anoghi Panighiri time and Monday the 15th, it's the Panighiri in Platrithia. In the meantime, there are also quite a few presentations and performances scheduled in Vathy over this month. Just keep checking the Calendar for news.
Left - The 3 windmills of Kioni are famous, but 2 are equally famous when it includes the Superfast ferry on the way to Italy in the distance.
Summer on Ithaca island in Greece, heavily revolves around the sea, sun and boats.
Tonight, Exoghi is having a funraiser for the village. It starts at 9pm and there'll be food and drink. If you have some cash in your pockets, head on up and leave something for the community to do the works on the church and common grounds of this beautiful mountain village. See you there.
Saturday 13th - The morning started with some clouds, but by 9am, they had cleared and the blue skies appeared again. News has it that Atheneans are leaving the city in droves and heading west, so I'm sure some of them will end up here for the BIG weekend ahead. Tomorrow is the Anoghi Panighiri and on the 15th, the Platrithia Panighiri. This week spells the height of the Season. Below - Exoghi was a little damp last night, but the atmosphere of this village at any time of the day, is no less than magical.

2011 Exoghi Fundraiser

Each year the community of the Exoghi hold a Festa to raise money for the church works around the village. The village boasts 3 churches and one of the most scenic cemetry's on the island. For food, wine and music, community members and guests leave a donation to keep the village churches viable.

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Sunday 14th - Another beautiful summer's day on Ithaca. Blue skies, warm sunshine and lots of people to keep us interested.
Left - Afales views. Very blue skies and blue seas to the horizon. By boat you can get to some of the small coves around the edges. Below - Exoghi.
Tonight it's Anoghi Panighiri night. Hopefully there won't be wind and the heat from the pavement will warm us up a little. No one wants to dance in their jackets. The past few years, the weather has been warm for this Festival, but over the past couple of days, the nights have got a little chilly, especially in the high country.
Left - Sunday morning is Brunch time in Platrithia. Under the shade of the olive trees, Yefuri puts on a breakfast feast. It's actually a very nice way to spend Sunday morning before you head off to the beach. it's not surprising that locals and visitors to the island retreat here from the bayside rush that can so often be deafening in the bayside villages. In August, any place you find where you can kick back from the crowds a little is a haven. The Summer rush is in its height right now.
The Platrithia Panighiri on the 15th, is one of the biggest festivals in the north of the island. It seems nearly everyone gets along there at some point through the night. This year will not be any different.
Tonight, Platrithia is also expecting to celebrate with a big Panighiri. Let's hope we all have enough energy left to enjoy this last major festival of the season. Going by other years, there seems to be no problem in mustering up energy for a Panighiri. It's in the blood and in the spirit. Panighiri time out-ranks just about everything else.
This is the big long weekend of the season, it's no wonder the island is busier than ever. Athens has all but emptied out and the masses have escaped to the islands. Luckily, Ithaki is one of them. There's nothing like being surrounded by the enthusiasm of those on holiday.

Platrithia Panighiri

Monday 15th August 2011

The Platrithia Panighiri meant a great night for all. Plenty of people again this year with some good music, lots of food and drink and plenty of Kefi.

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Tuesday 16th - It started off very sunny this morning, but by lunchtime, the spraying in the sky had clouded up the day. Left - Lots of cleaning up to do today at the village square in Platrithia, where the community held its very successful Panighiri last night.
Thursday 18th - Had to leave the island for a couple of days due to a work commitment... Never again in August. What hot, hot mayhem. The Eptanisos ferry is spacious and clean, but getting off and on is a mix of frustration and heat exhaustion. The organization from the port police is excellent, but the restrictions regarding space at Piso Aetos, is an issue that will need to be tackled soon if traffic is to continue through this port. In the off season, there are no concerns, but in the height of summer, something does need to be done. The Eptanisos ferry could also use some ventilation in the car dock area. It's suffocating down there.
Below Left - A deep red sun setting over the Ionian as the ferry pulled into Patras Port.
Friday 19th - Still lots of people around. Summer is far from over. Above - A blood orange moon hangs low over Frikes Bay. Left - Amongst restaurants, cafes and a clear sign 'NO CAMPING', this group set up camp regardless. Bon apetite.
Above and Left - There's a new Cafe Bar in Frikes town, all set up and working. It's located right next to the old hotel.
Ithaki Island Summer Holiday 2011
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