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Tuesday 30th - Above - Anna Vlass from Melbourne Australia with her aunt Zaharate and cousin Jenny from Spavento Bar in Kioni. Right - Les and Yvonne Few are here from the UK and have been Summer regulars for about 8 years. We caught up with just before they headed down to the bayside of Kioni to select which restaurant they would dine at.
Above and Below - Paliocaravo (Gregorys' Taverna) in Vathy decided early in the season that it's a far more romantic atmosphere without the tents and their patrons agree.
It feels like the weather is about to change any day now. Over the past few days, clouds have occasionally been forming overhead and the nights are beginning to feel a little cooler. There's still plenty of summer weather left, but it's always a pleasant feeling to notice the season changing, even if it's ever so slightly.
The end of August. It feels like it's just flown by. On our last day of the month, rain is threatening to burst from the blackening clouds overhead. Let's see about September.
August Friday 26th - Wow! It's been almost heatwave weather over the past 10 days or so. Some days, it's so still and so hot that relief can only be found on the northern bayside of Frikes after 11pm. The weather looks to continue like this for awhile yet. Tonight it's the Odysseas Football Club party. If you want to dance, then get along, leave your donation and have a great time. It's usually a really good night. Left - Kioni Bayside.
Sunday 28th - Left - Friday night, Odysseas Football Club held one of its annual dances to raise money for the club. The night was held at Limnes in Platrithia with a band from Patras doing the musical honours. It was a pleasant and laid back way to spend the night.
Above and Left - Krouvoulia 1. Still plenty of good swimming weather ahead.
Any minute we expect the island to be quiet again, but with each passing day, there are still more visitors coming to our shores, not as many as during the peak, but still plenty enough to take up the parking spots.
Monday 29th - Left & Below - There's a noticable drop in the amount of people on the island. Yesterday another mass exodus from Ithaki had the main road to Piso Aetos backed up with traffic.
Above - Although many left the island, quite a few also came to the island. September will see the 'Shoulder' holidayers arriving and having their summer holidays over the next week or so. Below - Yes, Ithaki does have a hospital. You can find it just up from the Police Station in Vathy. It's also worth knowing that there are clinics in the villages too.
Above and Left - Marathia is not talked too much about on the island, even some locals have never ventured that far south, but it is becoming a very popular place to stay on holidays with some quality accommodations in the area. The landscape is quite different to the rest of the island too. If you hire a car while on Ithaca, it's worth taking a drive to Marathia and take in the views.
This morning there is a Feast at Ag. Sarantas church so If you haven't seen the frescos, it's an opportunity to do so. Below - Dexa Beach.
Left - Local, Nikos Vlassopoulos from Lahos in the north of the island, decides to learn about using a computer at the tender age of 93. Special thanks to Mike and Sue Bennet for donating a laptop.
Wednesday 31st - Ithaca was turned on its ears yesterday with all the pergolas and tents ordered down by the higher powers. Seems someone couldn't get a tent, so a complaint was made and thus no one without a lisence could have a tent. (Now the tent and pergola lisence issue is a whole other argument. You'll have to wait for the book) Thousands of euros down in rubble. Vathy was most noticeably effected. The northern villages have their backs up and are up for a battle if needed, but there is a very nervous feeling about with big fines due if the law is not abided by. And you wonder why Greece is in trouble? In August, this should not be a priority. People can always take their tents down after the season is over (and why is it only when a complaint is made, that the law in enforced?). Where's the logic here??????? A couple of years ago the same thing happened to all the Cantinas on the beaches. What really gripes me is that no one in Greece is 100% within the law. People should stop pointing their fingers otherwise someone may come along and bite it off. Having said that, I quite like the open spaces on the bayside, although everyone should bring a hat... and a windbreaker if needed.
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