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Above - Ithacas sheep take to the open road in winter. Right - Winter Fiorendino Bar in Frikes. All the action is indoors now. Below and Below Right - Winter Penelope Restaurant.
Friday 18th - More rain forecast for today with winds increasing. Right - Jennie is taken for a walk down the old Kioni road by her trusted dog, Koufountinas. Below - Kioni Bay.
As I won't have the opportunity to update the site over the next week, you can always revisit times of old by Click Here or by visiting Summer Lowdown & Winter on Ithaca
Wednesday 16th - A rainy and grey day today all across the island. Below - The Anoghi Kafenion
Left - Ag. Ioannis coastline. It's a steep descent from Ithacas main road down to the magnificent coastal area in the mid of the island. Ag. Ioannis beaches are some of the most popular sunny day destinations during summer. Above - Frikes Bay. Although Frikes isn't the Frikes everyone knows and loves during the Summer, the Frikes community which includes Piperato Restaurant, Fiorendino Bar and Kikis mini market, do their best to keep life in the village during the winter months. Below Left - Ag. Ioannis village, which looks toward Ithakis big sister island of Cephalonia.
Above Left - Raxi, just outside Kioni. Above - The backfields of Stavros. Left - Pilakata near Stavros.
Monday 21st - As we head toward the end of February there is already much to do about Carnival. Everything is colouring up ready for the big parade. Yesterday, Kioni held its Carnival Street Party in the village. Click Here or on photo below for more.
Left and Above Left - Vathy on Saturday, when the sun was out more than not. Over this next week the temps will be dropping again. Another hint of winter.
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