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July Kalo Mina everyone. Friday 1st - Everyone seems a little confused here. Apparently the boat was full, but there's no one around. Peak times for restaurants seem to get some of the people out, but not as many as other years. Shops are all noticing that there has been a drop in spending and a drop in tourism on the island. Now that we have economic wars instead of wars with weapons, it's more than just the soldiers on the front line who get injured or killed. In this war, nobody called out "....are coming!" Greece's economy needs fixing, no argument there, but has anyone checked on the population? There is more than the bank balance at stake here. (Sorry folks, just can't keep my mouth shut this time. Now back to enjoying Ithaki) Left - Frikes on the bayside. Below - Anoghi in the Square.
Above - Without rain, it's doesn't take long for the hills to turn brown. Please keep in mind the high fire danger over the summer. It doesn't take much to set things alight. Olive trees are fuel.
Above and Left - Stavros. Early evening is always buzzing around Stavros town as people shop for dinner, stop for a coffee and chat or just get out after a long day working (or not).
Saturday 2nd - If you saw the entry on Page 5 of June New updates, you would have seen the photographs of Tina Geoghegan who is doing some work experience on ithacagreece.com to gain photographic experience. Below are some more photographs by this 17 year Irish girl who wants to gain as much experience in this field as possible in order to pursue a career in photography in the future.
To contact Tina Geoghegan in regard to photography or opportunities to further her photographic journey, please copy and past this email address into your email server: tina.geoghegan@gmail.com
From early in the morning, the signs were it was going to be a hot day. A heat mist hovered just above the waterline. Left - View across to Sami, Cephalonia taken from just outside Lefki. Below - Aetos Bay.
Left - The colours of Vathy yesterday was absolutely spectacular.
Left - Giorgos Simiris is the proud owner of Ithaca Embroideries in Vathy. He and his family have been serving, not only locals for their haberdashery needs, but also visitors to the island who adore the fine lace filet you can only get there.
Sunday 3rd - Left - Costa has traveled all the way from Australia and is finally back on ithaki where he will be smiling more and more as he settles in. We caught up with him in Lefki with friends Illias and Angela (Below Left) who have a private little paradise tucked away under shady trees with a view to the sea. Many boast they make 'THE best' Rovanni (Ithacas traditional sweet), but having eaten many over the years, I proclaim that Angelas Rovanni is indeed the best I have tasted.
Left - The Frikes Panighiri was... You'll have to wait a little while I do the page :)
Frikes Panighiri
Saturday 2nd July 2011
If you didn't get along to the Frikes Panighiri last night you can catch up with what you missed by Clicking Here or on the photograph Left.
The night started a little windy, but it soon calmed down and ended up being quite mild. For those of you who know Frikes, you know just how chilly it can get there, so it was a pleasant surprise to be quite comfortable without a jacket on. This year there were many more street vendors, although I would hazard a guess they were all from the same family of gypsies. I personally enjoyed myself and I think all who attended did also.
Monday 4th - The festive weekend is over and its back to the weekly grind (for some) and holiday for others. Lucky from Polis Beach has noted that his numbers are down this year and having a look at Ag. Ioannis Beach Below Left - there's quite a bit of room to spread out on that popular beach also.
Above - Fotis. Below - Mandy. It's been a couple of years since these two have been back on Ithaca. This years they're keeping Lucky and Maria company in Exoghi.
Above - This delivery will mean alot of beds to make up for this Season.
The outdoor cinema has always been a great way to spend an evening on Ithaki. There'll be viewings in Frikes, Kioni, Stavros and Vathy.
Wednesday 6th - Another very warm day. There was quite a bit of action on the beaches and in the water generally.
Above - Laertes Farm (Fruit and Vegie Market) in Stavros has a new banner to lure customers to the right location. When you buy your fruit, say 'hi' to Dimitri.
Tina Geoghegan has been featured a few times on ithacagreece.com over these past weeks. This time, we're gving her an entire page. To see Ithaca from Tinas perspective, Click Here
Thursday 7th - It's been a strange Season thus far, many have noted that this year the visitor numbers are down, yet some people are doing better business this year than previous years. We live in a fickle world where not only Greeks are penny pinching, but visitors from all over the world suffer the same financial insecurity. Luckily on Ithaca you can get alot for no money at all such as peace and quiet (Strike that one, Summer can be quite noisey), tradition and of course those wonderful views and clear waters.
Above - Ithakis Fire Brigade are on standby during this hot season. Please don't light fires in the open and put your cigarettes out in the ashtray, not flicking from your car window. Below - Workers are getting the old Frikes Primary school yard ready for the outdoor Cinema yesterday. See Program on New for dates.
Left - Kerry Stamell with daughter, actress/dancer Kiruna, who many of you may know from her role as La Petite Princess in Moulin Rouge. The last time mother and daughter were on Ithaca together was when Kiruna was only 4 years old. Below - Lazaros from St. Elias Villa in Stavros, also father to the lyrical proser of colourful language, Nektarios from Rementzo.
Don't forget that tonight is the Frikes Panighiri. The village is preparing for a busy night despite the fact that there's a beauty contest on in Vathy. Who wants to see girls in bikinis anyway, when you can eat souvlaki, drink and dance the night away. Ok, stupid question for some, but for those who don't think it's a stupid question, get along and support the Frikes economy by having some good old fashioned fun.
Above - Frikes fishing boat. Right - Kolieri where statues have been erected to the late Stathis Raftopoulos, poet. Below - Kolieri 'Look Out' is changing its face. I really liked the way it was before, but 'the powers that be' have elected to pave it and give it a face lift. From this 'look out' you have wonderful views over Afales Bay and the village of Platrithia across the valley.
Tuesday 5th - It's been a windy couple of days, but today the wind seems to have eased off again, giving us all a break. Today the temperature is on the rise again too, the evenings have been quite chilly this past week.
Above - L - R - Jenny and Arthur Cominos with their family Maria, Jeremy, Sam and Rebecca with friends Kerry and George Stamell having a spot of lunch in Frikes. Right - Sandra and Douglas from the UK are on Ithaca, staying in Kioni, on their 7th visit to the island. We caught up with them on their way to Polis Beach. Below - Afales views.
Pre-dinner hour is a time when waiters, grillmen and patrons, ease in with a little drink, look or daydream before it's so hectic that they barely have time to go to flick your hair from your face.
Holiday on Ithaca Greece
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