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Above - Friends, Peter and Melina. When they said the Aussies were coming, they weren't kidding. Nearly all of the visitors you're likely to meet on the island are from the land 'downunder'. Peter is involved in the Club Scene and Melina is a fashion designer, currently residing in Abu Dhabi. Right - Panighiri Chairs move from village to village as we go through the Festival Season.
Sunday 24th - Below - Kioni. When the Day Trippers come in, people flood off the decks to find a quick feed, quick, swim, quick coffee.
Below - Vathy looking up toward Mantzarata. Yes, that's a fire. Just as we leave the Exhibition, I look up and notice a ball of flames just above Vathy with smoke beginning to billow. Everyone with a mobile phone began to call the Fire Brigade. Seems everyone on the street noticed it at exactly the same time. This fire is a little too close for Vathy comfort. Luckily the wind was blowing the fire up the hill instead of down into the town. I continued on my way back up north, but had heard at 11pm, that it was somewhat under control and there seemed to be no cause for concern. Guess we'll hear the full story some time today. Better ring Dimitris Danis. He always has his finger on the pulse
Right - I'm not a thrill seeker so I'll only get as close as my zoom will take me, but the pic to the right shows just how close this fire started to the built up area of Vathy.
Monday 25th - The fire in Vathy a few nights ago was quickly brought under control, but as you can see from the photo below, it was very near to endanger the town. Let's hope this wasn't one of those suspicious land clearing fires.

For many of you who have been following ithacagreece.com for many years, you will know that Jessica is my daughter. She has recently acquired a publishing contract with Lucky Press in the US with her first novel, String Bridge, which is due for release in November this year, but in the meantime, Jessica has self-published a collection of poetry which is now on sale.

"Twisted Velvet Chains is a collection of poems which follows the experiences of one woman growing up with a bipolar, drug addicted, gothic musician mother. Each poem represents specific moments of their life that embrace vivid rich imagery, and illustrate the turmoil of emotions both experience while together. The collection is divided into four parts that flow one into the other from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and post-death."

You can visit her website here: www.jessicacbell.com

To buy a copy of her poetry collection - Twisted Velvet Chains Click Here

Above - A very heavy sky rolled over Exoghi mountain last night, but there's absolutely no sign of it today. The skies are clear and blue with a refreshing breeze blowing. Right - Stavros was still pumping after midnight.
July Saturday 23rd - Another great weather day today. It's hot, but not oppressive. It's definitely a strange season. Last night in the north, there were hardly any visitors around, hardly any yachts in the bay compared to other days. With the Kioni Panighiri being so packed, I thought that this is it. Summer is here. The crowds have come. It was quite a surprise to have another quiet night on a Friday. I guess it is what it is and there's not much else that can be done. Tonight is the opening night of Ron Guys painting exhibition at the Gallery in Vathy. His works have already been displayed since the 15th and will continue for another week or so, but tonight is the party, so if you read this in time and you're on the island, get along at around 9pm to look and maybe purchase. I'll hopefully get there to take some pics for all of you who can't get along this time. Below - The new bar that's opening up in Frikes has requestered it's little area on the bayside and is putting up its canope. Another aspect of the view of the bay will be obscurred, but variety continues to build in this little bayside village.
Above - Demetri & Popi from Likoudi Apartments, strike the pose for ithacagreece.com. Left - Kourvoulia 2 beach between Frikes and Kioni.
Left - Anastasia from Athens and Andreas from Patra share a conversation about the best and most naturallly beneficial honey. Andreas is the father of Frikes Poppy from Rementzo.
Below Left - Jean, Tifenn and Irene from France, return home after 5 months on Ithaca. Jean will be sketching for another comic book (french style) with the subject of Odysseas. ithacagreece.com is looking forward to receiving a copy when it's done. This young family made a choice to come to Ithaki instead of Japan at the time of the Tidal wave and radiation leak. A very lucky choice for them. During their extended stay on the island, they made friends, both local and international and fit right into the life style. We wish them a happy to return home and hope to see them again in the future. A group of friends gathered in Stavros to wish them farewell. Left - Georgia, Tifenn and Ron Guy (artist). More on him later.
Left - Irene and Jean. The tears are unfortunately not for leaving the island, but for not getting something from Marinos shop in Stavros.
Left - Dina from Dina Hairdressing and Ithaca Restaurant in Stavros. If you're wondering where Ithaca Restaurant is, it's the orange building near the Stavros Square. Some very good reports coming from diners who have tasted the menu there.
Above and Above Left - Vathy Harbourside just as the sun is on its last legs. Left & Below - Ron Guy is an artist who has spent many months this year living and painting on Ithaca. His works, now on exhibition at the Pinakothiki Ouzerie in Vathy, were all inspired by Ithaca island, especially the landscapes in the north. Although most of his works are in oil, Ron also has some ink drawings on display. The Ron Guy Exhibition has been going for about a week now and will continue until around the 5th of August. Last night was the official opening of the exhibition with nibblies and drinks for guests and people off the street. His oils are in vibrant colour, capturing the hues of the island and its seas. Ron Guy, Australian born and married to a 'kopella' (Greek Girl) with roots in Stavros, is no stranger to Exhibitions, he has a list of successful showings as long as his arm. Head on down to Vathy to check it out yourselves if you are interested in art and maybe taking a little of it home with you. Below - Ron Guy, seen at the Pinakothiki Ouzerie (Gallery) with his favourite painting - 'Kioni'.
Left - The water was so blue in Vathy this morning. In the north, a fisherman told me that while he was out on his boat, out of nowhere he was drenched by a single cloud hanging overhead. It lasted only a few minutes, but he was completely wet from the downpour. Below - John Raftos is on Ithaki again from Newcastle Australia. We'd like to say hello to his wife who could not be here on the island.
Left - Afales Bay. The water looked amazing today. Below - The sun beating down on us while we're working can be quite harsh. Sometimes it takes creative measures to keep the stinging rays from our sensitive skin.
It's actually very surprising just how few people are on the beaches this late in July. Some days it feels like we're into the Season, others it feels like we're still in May. The weather is great though. Great swimming weather. At present, the belief is that without the Day Trippers and the yachting companies, we on Ithaki, would feel the crisis more than we presently are. Below Left - The Ag. Sarantas corner store and general meeting place for the village community. Don't forget that on August 2nd, the official presentation of the Frescos in the little church (opposite the corner store) will be unveiled to the public. Bruno Mazzali, an Italian living in Ag. Sarantas gives his talent to making this little church beautiful inside.
Tuesday 26th - It shouldn't have been a surprise today that it rained because the weather forecast had predicted it, but it is difficult to reconcile summer with rain in regard to Ithaca. Very black skies passed over the island slowly for most of the day with drizzle, then rain, drenching everything just in time for the hot sun to steam it all up around us. A tropical kind of weather day today. Very reminiscent of Singapore in November. Below - Those who were prepared brought their umbrellas and raincoats to have at the ready, others grabbed whatever they could to not have a bad hair day.
Above and Above Left - Yachts motor out of Frikes Bay once the rain starts. Considering the clouds were quite black, the skies were actually very quiet. There was no wind howling or thunder-clapping. Left and Below - View to Vathy Bay from the road to Anoghi and Kathara. It didn't look quite as threatening from this perspective.
Thursday 28th - There's quite alot happening on Ithaca over this summer period. You can check the Events Calendar 2011 or for a Events 2011 Rundown Click Here to print out the events for easy reference.
Ok, so we had a little blip in our weather the other day, but it's all blue skies again now. Bad weather doesn't usually last long on Ithaki. Left - Theofilos Apartments in Raxi have a great view over Kioni Bay and they are very reasonably priced.
Friday 29th - It's very hot again today. The cool breezes disappeared during the night and have left us with a humid and very hot day today. The best place to be is in the water whatever shape the cool liquid may take. Below - Kioni and bay.
Saturday 30th - Here we go. We're just a couple of breaths away from the end of July with August beating at our door. Accommodations report that bookings are now flooding in, and of course everyone wants the same dates. Restaurants are full each night and the villages are buzzing. Tourism may be down this year, but how much tourism can a little island like Ithaki accommodate anyway. People are looking happy and satisfied and the the weather is great. No complaints. It's Summer.
Above - Yachts are backed up in Kioni Bay. It's a very busy little bayside during this time of year. Left - The ferry coming in from Lefkada. It comes into Frikes twice daily during July and August. Below - Cooling off during yesterdays 36C degrees.
Perahori Wine Festival
Sunday 31st - It's that time of year again when every day or so there's something happening on the island that makes us put on our best rags and dancing shoes. The annual Perahori Wine Festival was held last night in the mountain village of Perahori and was a great success. Click Here on on photograph left for more pics.
Strange weather as we head into August. Quite a bit cooler at night than expected, but the days are still brilliantly warm and blue. Today, the Odysseas Marathon is on in Vathy. Will try to head along to get some pics, but for now, enjoy Below - Vathy at night. Below Below - The crystal clear waters of Krouvoulia Beach near Frikes
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