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June Tuesday 7th - The word is that things feel a bit quiet in regards to tourism this year, but I remember thinking this every year around June. There has been a lull many years at this time of the year. Once things pick up, everyone will be looking for quiet time and will then have to wait until October. Left - Vathy Bayside. Not alot of yachts in the harbor yesterday.
Above - While the Council building offices are being refurbished and renovated, the staff are working at the place once known as The Vathy Gallery which was previously known as Proto Supermarket. So it's not only the clock that's out of order at the Municipal building. Having had a need to go to the Council, I was quite impressed how smoothly the offices are running in the make-shift space. Left and Below - Now that the weather is in full summer swing, Chani Cafe and Restaurant are the perfect place to snack, eat, drink while overlooking the Ionian blue. Not only do you get a great view of Vathy Bay, but also the Cephalonia Strait.
Wednesday 8th - Strange day. It even rained in Vathy. Big heavy rain drops that fell from what seemed the only cloud in the sky.
Above - Some yachts back in Vathy this morning and a few people walking around too. Left -The hutch of Kanelata in Vathy takes you up through the hills toward Filiatro Beach. Many traditional houses along the roads of Kanelata, also Drosia Taverna, a favourite for many visitors to Ithaca.
Above and Left - Lower Perahori, outside of Vathy toward Marathia, is a natural and green haven for those who don't want to be in the thick of bayside life.
Thursday 9th - It ended up being a busy night in Frikes last night. Yachts backed up 3 fold on both quays. A little reminder of what August will be like. the restaurants were almost full at 7.30pm.
Those who didn't go out to eat, congregated on the Pier for a drink and snack. Flotillas BYO party.
On Sunday 12th, there is rumoured to be a peaceful demonstration in support of the demonstrations going on around Greece. Location is Vathy. Time is 7pm.
Saturday 11th - The skies are quite unsettled over the past few days. Fine in the morning and then in the afternoon, the wind picks up and churns our usually calm bays. Below - Alpha Cars & Mopeds. A good way to see the island and get out of the wind is hire a car of course and get to the places your feet can't take you.
Left - Ithaca Embroidery in Vathy is a popular shopping place for some traditional bedding and table cloths.
Left - Porto in Vathy on the bayside is open all year around and is a popular place from breakfast to dinner. Below - Jonathan Levy is back on the rock.
Above - Summer means ice-cream. Get it while you can because during the winter months the freezers go into hibernation as do the locals. Below - Dorothea from Yiannis Taverna in Stavros takes a little break inbetween preparing the evening meals. The taverna has nice new chairs, maybe you should try them out to see how they fit while you have a pizza or pasta or maybe even something Greek.
Left - Porto Thiaki Hotel in Stavros is centrally located above Yiannis Taverna and opposite Margarita Cafe where (below left) Maria and Maki are delivering the home made pies the cafe is famous for.
Left - The Vathy boys take over Stavros...Is that a Nylon Sex(er) in the orange? Gosh! I think it is.
Sunday 12th - Friday night the ferry into Ithaki was full with long weekenders making their way here. Ag. Pnevmatos (The Holy Spirit) holiday makes this weekend a long one and brings folks to the island that don't come with a tour group or flotilla. Left - Kionis Mini Market with Spavento Cafe Bar opposite.
Left and Below Left - Raxi is a little gem of tradition set in the hills above Ithakis famous village of Kioni. The corner shop hasn't changed in many, many years. Tradition is something the locals here are very proud of.
Above - Frikes. Day Trippers explore the village streets. Left - Ag. Sarantas. Below Left - The bay weaves and turns as the wind slices across its surface. Below - Summer fun.
Left - Petra Taverna in Stavros. Above - Polis Lights
Above and Left - I must say that I had a most delicious meal at yefuri restaurant in Platrithia last night. Andy and Mark are just getting better and better each year.
It's been a windy week and tomorrow is predicted to be the same. There is also a rumour of rain on the horizon, although many believe it won't reach us on ithaca. The skies have definitely been rapidly changing through the day, almost threatening a downpour, but never quite delivering on the promise. We'll see what today brings.
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