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Above - Ag Sarantas corner shop is opposite the little church that has had its Frescos done by Italian, Bruno Mazzali. The work has finished and the little church is ready to be admired. Drop by and have a look inside if the door is open. It will be well worth it. I hope to get a peak soon.
Above - At the top of Ithaca, the wind blew clouds over the peaks at a rapid rate. It felt almost wintry up there yesterday.
Above - View to Vathy Bay from the road to Kathara. It was blowing a gale there yesterday. Right Above - Pelicata cottage looks idyllic, located in the Pilikata region of Stavros. Right - Anoghi Church and tower stand at the center of this mountain village.
June Monday 13th - Today is the day of The Holy Ghost. A public holiday around the country. Hopefully the weather will be better today than yesterday. There was rain, wind, and when the sun came out, extreme heat. Weather discomfort. Today the skies are forecast to be clear and the temperature warm. If the wind stays away, it promises to be a day we can all enjoy. Left - Kioni. It's 'watermelon off the back of the truck' time again. There'll be many traveling sales going on through this summer period with loud speakers blaring their wares. Below - Frikes was a blowy place yesterday.
Tuesday 14th - Before the clock struck 4pm yesterday, the island was still very busy during this long weekend holiday, but after 4, many were already on their way back home to be back at work today.
Above - Nikos Douglas from The Gods gift shop in Frikes likes to get behind his stock and play around a little. This year is head-dress of choice is a goats skull
Above - In anticipation for summer, the Council is making a new car park opposite the Frikes Pier. Below - Usually the communities have already cleared the roadsides of the long, dry grass and brush, but this year it seems to be running far behind. With high temps and wind, it doesn't take much to see a catastrophe in our future if the land isn't cleared of the dry grass. Owners too, are responsible for their own plots and many have seen to having them cleared, but unfortunately not everyone has complied with the regulations.
Wednesday 15th - The day started off quite pleasant, but by early evening yesterday, storms raged over the island, knocking out the electricity for hours. Anoghi suffered more than other villages with serious problems reconnecting. For all the thunder and lightning, there was little rain. The lightning was fierce however. With all the cloud seeding tests that have been going on in the skies over the past weeks, I guess it's no wonder that strange phenomenon occur.
A national strike unites most of Greece today, including Ithaca. A demonstration against 'Greece being for Sale' is organized in Vathy Square at 10am this morning.
Left - Summer time means gypsies selling off the back of their vehicles. Potatoes and watermelon on this 'pickup'.
Thursday 16th - The last time I personally experienced the strange weather we've been having here on Ithaki this month, was back in 1995. Again yesterday, the skies roared with late afternoon thunder. Nothing as dramatic as the day before, but still a dark sky looming with rays of sunshine that made the day feel very tropical.
While demonstrations around Greece heaved with the discontent of the masses, here on Ithaca, the peaceful demonstration consisted of around 6 people. The slogan was 'Greece is not for sale' which to me was a little ironic considering I was there, albeit not as a Real Estate agent. That so few turned out could be due to many factors. One is certainly apathy, another is towing the party line, then there were also many who left the island to attend demonstrations in Athens and Patras, while the rest of the island was either sitting at a Cafenion or serving those sitting at a Cafenion. The national strike didn't shut down the island, on the contrary, many government bodies remained working. It must be said that the island, unlike the cities and other areas in Greece, does not seem too affected by the Crisis, although there is a palpable amount of fear for the future in the air. Below - The Kefalonia ferry did strike along with the rest of Greece. It remained docked in Vathy harbor for the day.
Left, Above and Below - Captain Yiannis Hotel on the Vathy Bayside has undergone another big reburbishment on their Bunglows, some now known as Junior Suites. Katerina and Stefanos have been very busy over the winter making their unique accommodation a cut above. Very impressed when I was given the opportunity to have a peak. For those of you who may not be aware, there is a tennis court on the premises along with a pool. I believe the tennis court can be booked if you like to score in 'love'.
Left - In the late afternoon, the skies began to darken over Ithaki.
Friday 17th - An almost perfect day today. Warm, sunny and hardly any clouds until the 'seeding' began in the afternoon. Could we hope that Summer may really be here to stay? The forecast is for sunny days ahead into next week.
Below Left - On Ithaca, the day of the donkey is not a tradition from the Past. There are still many village locals who use their donkey for transportation.
Saturday 18th - I had the pleasure of being invited to the opening of Polis villas at Polis Bay Stavros yesterday, where the Fitzgerald family invited guests who played a role in getting their accommodations from plan to finish. Very stylish and spacious villas with a view of the valley, mountain and sea. Just lovely.
Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes did the catering and guests brought the sweets. A lovely evening in good company and pleasant views as the sun went down.
Left - Attention everyone! Polis beach is ready. Lucky has the umbrellas and lounges out and this year, his partner Maria, is also down at the beach helping with the heavy work. Lucky isn't as young as he used to be. News just to hand is also that Lucky will be shaving tomorrow.
Sunday 19th - It's really starting to feel like summer, especially when there is activity at the beaches around the island. Yesterday at Polis Beach, the umbrellas were out and the bodies were in (the water). Lucky below- occupied himself with making an ashtray for the beach so that Polis remains a 'no butt' area.
Above - There's no place better to while away your time than under the fig tree on the beach. Left - Bert, dutch TV personality is back again this year. Each year he and his friends take up the same table at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes. Below & Below Left - Jennie and Arthur Cominos (Newcastle Australia & Lefki Ithaki) have been avid and enthusiastic supporters of ithacagreece.com. One of the percs of doing this website is that I meet and get to know some amazingly warm and generous people. People from all walks of life, age and backgrounds. What we have incommon is the passion that Ithaki ignites in us. A BIG thank you to Jennie and Arthur for their good company and the wonderful dinner they so generously invited us to.
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