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Thursday 23rd - Seems that the Vathy cinema isn't only NOT open in Summer, but also now, NOT open in Winter and the annual Poster competition is also no longer an annual event. Shame. BIG shame.
Below - Frikes on a very quiet Sunday night. The Frikes Panighiri (outdoor festival) will take place on Saturday the 2nd of July, so head down there and enjoy some good traditional food and live music to which you can dance in the streets.
Right & Below - Frikes Bayside. Crystal clear waters remain to be one of its strengths.
The island is looking so attractive during this time of year. Restaurants are lit up and reflecting in the bay. Above - Kioni at night. Right - The 3rd Krouvoulia. During the day, a yacht anchored too close to the beach is more than a little annoying, but at night, it makes a wonderful sight under the moon.
Ithaca in June 2011
June Wednesday 22nd - I think we can safely assume that it IS summer now. No more rain on the horizon on our end of Greekland. The water at Ithakis beaches are also warming up. Left - Ithakis Cinema. Unfortunately it only runs in the winter. Currently its windows are displaying the artwork of the 10 Posters annual competition.
Above & Left - Kioni Bayside. Everywhere you look is like you've walked into a picture postcard. ADSL and WI-FI everywhere, haven't spoiled the traditional atmosphere of the village.
Left & Below - Frikes Bayside is beginning to liven up a bit now as we head toward July, but still the word seems to be that there are not as many visitors to the island this year. A little birdie told me that despite a Beauty Competition in Vathy on the 2nd of July, the Frikes Festival will also be held on that day. Before I change the calendar entry however, I will await definite confirmation. Chances are though, that the Festival will not be on the 30th June, the determined date. I don't know when it ever has been on the 30th June to be honest. The community is always changing its mind about the date so that the Frikes Panighiri (Festival) falls on a Saturday.
Considering that Stavros village is not directly on the bayside, it's really been buzzing with activity this past month. Below Left - Margarita Cafe. Below - Ithaki Restaurant.
Left - Stavros' corner Cafe, To Kentro, where locals play cards and while away their time discussing the issues of their lives (and everyone elses).
Friday 24th - Another week and we're into July, the beginning of the high season for Ithakis summer. Yesterday there was a noticable increase in the amount of people in the streets. From here it will be more and more each week.
Above - There are many cruises you can take to beaches and other villages on Ithaca. Vathy is the place to jump on a little day tripper, but if you're looking for your own private beach, you can hire a speed boat and find yourself a little cove all of your own.
Saturday 25th - On the 8 - 10 July there'll be boating activities in Vathy Harbour - racing by the yacht club. I don't know that much about it, but I have heard there are competitors of all age groups.
Below - It's been 26 years since George Stamell has been to ithaca. He has returned this year with his wife, Kerry, and they're having a great time. George's parents, now deceased came from Lahos and Kolieri. Although it's been 26 years, Niko Douglas recognized George immediately and quickly welcomed him back to the island. Below Left - The Geoghegan family (Ireland|Lefki) are back again for their summer holidays. L - R - Dan, Tina, Phillip and Delphine. Tina, a budding photographer may help me with some photographs during her stay. At this time of year a little help is always welcomed.
Left - The walk from Ag. Sarantas down to Afales beach is quite wonderful.
Monday 27th - Although the weather forecast predicted some lower temperatures today with wind etc. There wasn't too much of a difference on this side of Greece. It was a hot day. Beach weather. Now, if only people weren't scared off by all the national strikes and demonstrations. Tuesday and Wednesday will see another round of general strikes, including the ferry service. Below - Kioni views.
Above - For the lack of having anything significant to take a photo of, here are some patterns. Below - Stavros.
Tuesday 28th - Another general strike today and tomorrow around Greece. On Ithaca, many times this means nothing too serious, unless the ferry service stops. Often many public services remain working.
There has been no update on the Frikes Panighiri, so I guess the date remains to be Saturday 2nd July. Below - Bubble fun in Vathy Square. Stathi from the Vathy Laundry (who happens to serve all of Ithaca during this Summer Season) enjoys his morning coffee with his family.
Wednesday 29th - Another great day ahead. Just a shame there aren't more people here to enjoy it. Left - Kolieri village where Homers View Villas and Afales Villas have a great view over Afales Bay.
Left - Palm trees aren't the first thing you think of when you think of Ithaca, but there are quite a few around the island. Below - Watermelon anyone?
Left - Some pretty (?) boats sailing into our harbours at this time of year.
Left - Lodger in Kioni. A very traditional little hutch of Ithaca's bayside village. Below - Ag. Marina Bell Tower in Exoghi.
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